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5 Reasons Why We Think Nutribaby+ is Every Mommy’s Best Helper in the Kitchen

Food is one of the main priorities in ensuring the baby grows healthy and strong. We speak for every mommy out there when we say that meal preparations have got to be one of the tedious tasks, especially when babies are slowly being introduced to solid food. While there are many recipes out there for everyone to try, not all mommies have the luxury of time to prepare meals every day. Our hustling and always-on-the-rush mommies can definitely relate to this.

Being able to prepare meals quickly and easily while making sure that your little ones get all the nutrition they need sounds like a dream, right? Well, Babymoov has made every mommy’s dreams come true. Ms. Erika Ty Poon, a mother, and CEO of Nurture House was the one who brought Babymoov to the Philippines due to her willingness to invest in long-term high-quality products that brings ease and convenience to their daily lives.

In photo, from L-R: Christella Ong (COO); Erika Ty Poon (CEO) and Katrina Gaw (CFO)

Last March 2023, Babymoov Philippines introduced a stunning food processor that can make real gourmet baby food called “Nutribaby+.” This multi-purpose food processor is ideal for all stages of your little one’s development, from bottle-feeding to weaning and beyond! It’s definitely the perfect machine for home as it is versatile saves space, and you will have no worries in terms of time because it does all the work for you! Instead of a variety of kitchen appliances, everything a family’s desire for healthful full-course meals can be met with a single machine.

In photo: Chef Jessie Sincioco demonstrated how to use Nutribaby+

If you’re still not convinced that this machine is a must-have for your pregnancy to parenthood journey, we listed down five reasons why we think the Nutribaby+ is every mommy’s best helper in the kitchen:

  1. Helpful as soon as your baby is born
    The bottle-warming feature of the Nutribaby+ allows you to warm up to 3 baby bottles at a time! It can also sterilize the bottles afterward.
  2. The whole family benefits from Nutribaby+
    Like the wonder machine it is, Nutribaby+ can prepare any type of food, including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and eggs! Not to mention that it can also cook rice, oats, pastas, and grains! Due to its multiple steaming baskets, our busy mommies can easily cook a full-course meal with rice and multiple dishes all at the same time! It also allows you to reheat prepared meals or baby food jars. It thaws frozen meals and can blend any type of food! You’ll have a full course meal for the whole family in less than fifteen minutes!
  3. No nutrients go to waste
    Nutribaby+ preserves nutrients by steam-cooking food. Its two baskets allow you to cook food separately for the required time without mixing all the flavors. Lastly, The container used to recover stock can be added to purées, soups, or compotes to preserve essential vitamins!
  4. Easy and automatic and hands-free cooking
    Just a quick set-up of the proper cooking time via the LCD screen, and you’re all set! Nutribaby+ also automatically stops when the cooking time is up!
  5. Babymoov is here to help
    Maximize your Nutribaby+ and cook tasty meals for your baby and family! Babymoov has opened a website called “Cooking Baby Food” to guide mommies into their Nutribaby+ journey! The website contains recipes for any age and some advice from one mommy to another. Their Instagram account is also another place to go for our visual learn mommies out there as they provide recipe reels created by chefs while using the Nutribaby+!

The Babymoov Nutribaby line is available at and through our partner retail stores: select SM Department Stores, Baby Company, Rustan’s, Urban Essentials, Urban Mom, The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub, and Babymama. They are also available online on LazMall, ShopeeMall, and Edamama.

*Use the code: MOOVUPWITHNUTRIBABY to enjoy a 15% discount on all Babymoov products when you shop via the official BabymoovPH website from March 30 to April 23 only.

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