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5 rom-com Chinese movies you’ll fall in love with

It’s no secret that a lot of people love the romantic comedy genre because of the joy and entertainment that it brings. Even though sometimes there is the cheesiness between the leads, you can’t help but feel a sense of kilig or romantic excitement. You also usually end up laughing at the funny and relatable scenes. While rom-com Chinese dramas are a hit among viewers, it’s difficult for many people to find the time to catch up on every episode that airs on a weekly basis. That’s why rom-com Chinese movies are perfect for anyone who may be busy but wants to experience the same level of kilig and laughter, too.

Here are 5 Chinese rom-com movies that you’ll definitely enjoy:

1. Love Is Not Blind (失戀33天)

Adapted from the novel by Bao Jingjing (鲍鲸鲸), Love Is Not Blind is a post-breakup journey of  wedding planner, Wang Xiaoxian, who was in a seven-year relationship with Lu Ran. Things go astray after she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, Jia Qi. She eventually finds true love through her co-worker rival, Wang Yiyang, who helps her rebuild her self-confidence and self-worth. As the winner of the Golden Horse Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2012, Love Is Not Blind is a must-watch for any viewer who loves office romances genres.

2. So I Married An Anti-fan (所以, 我和黑粉结婚了)

So I Married An Anti-fan is based on a Korean manhwa by Jiwan. Entertainment reporter Fang Miaomiao entangles herself with a popular Hallyu celebrity, Zhunhou or Hoojoon, whom she despises after their first horrible encounter. The two enemies end up starring in a reality show based on their feud. On the show, Miaomiao has plans to ruin Zhunhou’s career. Despite their petty fights and revenge plots, the two enemies slowly develop romantic feelings for each other over time. Bonus: If you’re a K-pop fan, you’ll definitely like this film as it stars EXO’s Park Chanyeol and SNSD’s Seohyun.

3. This is Not What I Expected (喜欢你)

As a hotel guest, billionaire and CEO Lu Jin becomes fond of chef Gu Shengnan’s exceptional dishes. He even discovers the identity of this mysterious chef, but as it turns out, he has been sending complimentary notes to the chef he actually despises! From the slow-burn story of hate to romance to the visually stunning cinematography, This is Not What I Expected will leave you squealing, laughing, and salivating from all the dishes even instant ramen that are served.

4. Love The Way You Are (我的青春都是你)

Love The Way You Are is a campus love story film adapted from the novel, Fleeting Midsummer (北大差生) by Po Nao Dai (破脑袋). Opposites do attract, as the free-spirited Zhou Linlin and socially awkward nerd Fang Yuke go to China Eastern University together. Their relationship unfolds when Zhou Linlin and Fang Yuke slowly realize their feelings for each other through their sweet and innocent gestures. Love The Way You Are is a heartwarming and wholesome film for viewers who are fond of first love tropes and the beauty transformations of the characters.

5. My Best Summer (最好的我们)

My Best Summer is a young adult movie adaptation of the Chinese drama With You, which is based on the novel by Ba Yue Chang An. Geng Geng enrolls in the most prestigious high school in the city. Yu Huai, her smart and handsome seatmate, helps her survive the high standards of her school. As they become friends, their hidden feelings for each other unfold into their future.

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