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5 Romantic C-Dramas That Will Make You Celebrate Love

Love is not only in the air — it’s staring at us right from our streaming screens. For those craving the romantic fluff of our dreams, wait no further! We’ve prepared a rec list of the most kilig Chinese dramas that will leave you squealing for more.  

Check out our picks below: 


You Are My Glory (你是我的荣耀)

If you’re looking for a sweet slice-of-life romance, then You Are My Glory has got your back! Starring two of the most established names in the industry, this drama is a no-stress watch —   not only is it filled with the eye-candy visuals of Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang, but it also refreshingly offers a mature take on building a relationship while in the middle of chasing your dreams.  

As a live adaptation to the novel of the same name, the series follows Qiao Jingjing, a popular actress whose video game endorsement deal is threatened when a livestream of her terrible gameplay is released. In a bid to save her reputation, Qiao Jingjing reaches out to her childhood crush and mobile game prodigy Yu Tu, an aerospace engineer who contemplates on shifting career paths to better provide for his family. 

Main Cast: Dilraba Dilmurat, Yang Yang
Episode Count: 32
Where to Watch: WeTV


Love Between Fairy and Devil (苍兰诀)

Want something a little more fantastical? Jiu Lu Fei Xiang’s Cang Lan Jue is yet another successful novel adaptation that has taken the C-drama scene by storm with its breathtaking costumes and world-building. 

Arguably the most popular summer drama of 2022, Love Between Fairy and Devil features the unlikely story of Xiao Lanhua, a low-ranked fairy who accidentally revives the terrible demon king Dongfang Qingcang. Cosmically linked by this fateful encounter, the two eventually discover that although not everything is as it seems, true love persists beyond boundaries, time, and even death. 

Main Cast: Yu Shuxin, Dylan Wang
Episode Count: 36
Where to Watch: Netflix, iQIYI


A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好)

If I had a peso for every time I was recommended A Love So Beautiful when C-dramas became the topic of conversation, I would probably be able to buy a handful of my favorite candy — which is, like, a good lot, so hurray for more tooth-rotting goodness! 

Known to be a classic among veteran C-drama viewers, this 2017 youth-themed series follows Chen Xiaoxi, a cheerful teenage girl who harbors a crush on her neighbor and classmate Jiang Chen. Although the two seem to possess contrasting personalities, they inevitably find themselves walking the bittersweet journey of life together, enduring challenges from the childish squabbles in high school all the way to the difficult pains of adulthood. 

Main Cast: Shen Yue, Hu Yitian
Episode Count: 23
Where to Watch: Netflix, WeTV


Falling Into Your Smile (你微笑时很美)

Never let it be said that love can’t develop in the virtual competitive world of esports! This wholesome series showers viewers with diabetic fluff adapted from the novel When You Are Beautiful by Qing Mei. 

When a member of the ZGDX Onmyoji Premier League suffers a hand injury, the all-male team is forced to look for a substitute player. Although team leader Lu Sicheng does not agree with the need to search for a replacement, Tong Yao becomes the team’s newest recruit — and also their only female player! As a lovely romance blooms between them, so does their dream. Together, they work towards competing in the world championship. 

Main Cast: Cheng Xiao, Xu Kai
Episode Count: 31
Where to Watch: WeTV


Who Rules The World (且试天下)

Can we really call this a proper rec list if we don’t include a wuxia romance? Those looking for a more mind-tickling watch are sure to enjoy this pick! Jam-packed with beautifully choreographed action scenes, politically complex storylines, and what is probably one of the most assuring romantic partnerships of C-drama history — wow, they actually actively communicate with each other! — Who Rules The World is undoubtedly one of the best dramas 2022 has to offer. 

The series details the legend of Bai Fengxi and Hei Fengxi, two highly respected heroes who inevitably find themselves embroiled in the political schemes against the imperial throne. Although both yearn for the freedom that comes with wandering the martial arts world, the Hei Feng Bai Xi duo must learn to deal with the responsibilities of their true identities and the war that is to come.  

Main Cast: Zhao Lusi, Yang Yang
Episode Count: 40
Where to Watch: Netflix, WeTV


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