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5 Romantic Chinese Idioms for Valentine’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate the season of love. While some of us aren’t done with the festivities of Chinese New Year yet, others are preparing to send their loved ones presents to show how much they appreciate them. 

In case you’re still empty-handed, don’t worry since there are different ways to express your love, such as saying sweet words to your partner. Here are some romantic Chinese idioms to get you started:

1) 秀色可餐 (xiù sè kě cān)

You can use this phrase as another way of saying that your partner is beautiful. It translates as “beautiful meal,” but figuratively, it means “a lovely sight to feast the eyes on.”


2) 厮守终生 (sī shǒu zhōng shēng)

Is your relationship getting serious? You can use this idiom, which means “stay together for life” in English. 


3) 一见钟情 (yī jiàn zhōng qíng)

In English, this phrase translates to “love at first sight,” which happens when one instantly catches feelings for the other after seeing them for the first time. 


4) 一日三秋 (yī rì sān qiū)

Instead of saying, “I miss you,” you can use this Chinese phrase, which literally means “one day seems like three years.

5) 沉鱼落雁闭月羞花 (chén yú luò yàn bì yuè xiū huā)

This idiom refers to the four most beautiful women in China. It is used to compliment how beautiful someone is, so much so that the fish stops swimming, the birds stop flying, the mood hides away, and the flowers are embarrassed. 


We hope these idioms help make your partner’s Valentine’s Day better. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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