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5 Street food you need to try in Shilin Night Market

Shi-Lin Night Market

If you will go to Taiwan soon then you should visit the biggest and busiest Shilin Night Market 士林夜市.

Taiwan is always on the list when it comes to Chinoys going abroad not only because of visa-free entry for tourists but also we get to practice our Mandarin-speaking skills! There are a lot of fun activities you can do in a Night Market like claw machines, shooting games, shopping, and going on a food trip.

To get there: Take the red MRT Line and go down at the MRT JianTan Station and choose exit 1. If you are going to visit in the evening then you can follow the locals going to the Night Market.

Opening Hours: Late afternoon to late at night. The best time to visit is from 7 or 8 PM onwards.

Disclaimer: This list is only a few of the best food you can try in Shilin Night Market

Deep-Fried Chicken (大雞排)


from foodinloveid.files

The first thing you can see after crossing the scramble pedestrian from the MRT Station is the long cue for Deep Fried Chicken. If you think that this crunchy chicken is too heavy for you then don’t worry because there are a lot more Fried Chicken stalls inside the Night Market.

Savory Xiao Long Bao (小籠包)

This Xiao Long Bao is one of the best XLB! They will serve these cute snacks to you in a container topped with slivers of fresh ginger, so ready your cameras for an IG worthy photo.

Blowtorched steak

You can quickly identify these tasty snacks because of the sound of the blowtorch. It is very satisfying to watch the cubes of meat get torched like a fancy crème brûlée’s topping. There are a lot of flavors you can try but the most famous one is the pepper!


Grilled Taiwanese Sausages (香腸)


I know you can buy frozen Taiwanese sausages here in the Philippines but the taste is different from the ones in the Night Market. Not only is it big but also very tasty. A must-try indeed!

And last but not least!

Did you know that there’s an underground Food Court where you can dine in like the locals? Here you can see Taiwanese delicacies such as oyster omelets, beef steaks, seafood, and many more! The stalls have this one dish in common on their menus:

Oyster Omelet / Pancake (


This combination of egg and chives dish plus fat juicy oysters is a must-try! Try it with fruit juice or their special tea for a perfect combination.

TIP: If you see the locals falling in line and patiently waits for the food, then try it. They are not waiting for nothing!

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