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5 stunning hair colors for trendy Chinoy ladies

Once in a while, changing up your look is a good way to revamp yourself like doing different hairstyles. One of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve a new glowed-up in your look is by changing your hair color.  It’s easy to be bored with having black or brown hair, which can actually make your appearance look plain and old. That’s why it’s good to switch things up and refresh your current look once in a while. Experimenting with new different hair colors can help you find what suits best with your skin tone, wardrobe, and personal style. Dyeing and changing up your hair color can be a fun, exciting, and empowering way to feel like you’re rebranding yourself with a new persona and a new phase in your life. 

For Chinoys, choosing a new hair color may be challenging because of the conservative environment. It may be difficult for some strict parents to also approve of some hair colors that they think won’t suit you. Some vibrant hair colors may also not be appropriate for school or work. However, these challenges shouldn’t hinder anyone who wants new hair transformation. A hair transformation can actually make your appearance stand out, especially your skin tone. It’s still important to consider and adjust certain your desired hair colors depending on the limitations. Either you can request your hairstylist to lighten up or darken the shades, which can suit your needs. So if you’re waiting for a sign that you should change up your appearance, you should definitely do it! 

Here are 5 stunning hair colors that are suited for Chinoys who want hair transformations.


1. Golden brown

It’s well-known that brown hair suits every Chinoy and the shade is usually picked by many. It’s a staple color among Chinoys because the color is easy to pull-off. If it’s your first time dyeing your hair, golden brown can be an ideal hair color to try. To spice things up from the typical brown shade, golden brown is a good warm-toned shade that makes your skin tone stand out. It may be a standard chocolate brown, but the golden tones bring the whole look together in a refreshing new way.

Courtesy of @hairbybritney in Instagram

2. Ash bronde

Ash bronde is a trendy hair color seen everywhere with its fusion of brown and blonde colors, creating a pretty earth-toned shade. Chinoys can totally pull off this subtle, bright, and natural look that enhances one’s look with the mushroom brown color. Ash bronde is also a color that is low maintenance so busy yet stylish Chinoys don’t need to re-dye it regularly. Once your roots grow, the color still looks like a perfect ombre look. 

Courtesy of @kimwasabi in Instagram

3. Metallic ash gray

It’s not a secret that the ash gray color can be an intimidating color, but it’s totally worth the try for Chinoys. For an edgy cool-toned look, a metallic ash gray hair color is perfect for Chinoys for those willing to take the risk of the stunning color. Take note that there are chances that certain ash gray tones can make one look older because it can mimic the natural gray hair of a person. That’s why it’s important to consult your hair colorist on how he/she can adjust the ashy gray tones that can complement your skin tone. With the perfect adjustments, you can rock the metallic ash gray color!

Courtesy of @kycolor in Instagram

4. Midnight blue

Ever wanted to have the same hair color as your favorite idols? A midnight blue hair color is a good alternative hair color for Chinoys who can’t dye their hair in a shocking vibrant color. A deep inky blue shade can let you get away with your desired color because it’s dark enough. Once the sunlight hits the midnight blue hair, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful the blue shade looks on you. It’s also good for low maintenance Chinoys because the black roots will blend well once your hair gets longer.

Courtesy of @number_76 in Instagram

5. Dark plum 

For all the Chinoys who want a subtle colorful look, dark plum color is a versatile color for all skin tones. Dark plum color is a good way for anyone who wants a slight drastic shade that will amaze everyone. It’s perfect for any Chinoy who wants a balance of depth and vibrance of the purple hues. Since it’s a dark plum, it’s still not vibrant enough unless the sunlight hits the hair. When it does, it enhances your skin tone with the mix of the cool blue and warm shades of color. It’s cost-effective and good for the long term because it blends well with the future black roots. It would seem like you got an ombre hair color done, which can make everyone think you have a new look!

Courtesy of @mercedesdoeshair in Instagram

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