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5 things you probably noticed about your grandparents

Grandparents are probably one of our most favorite people considering that they have almost always been present in our lives. It is evident that their love and care can ultimately pass off as from our own parents.

Different types of Ahma, Angkong, Guama, and Guakong may vary in numerous aspects, but in spite of that, there are certain things that we can all relate to when it comes to their actions.

Here are five things that you have probably noticed with your grandparents:

1. They give you too much food.

“A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” as most would say.  For sure you can relate to that, as it can apply to just about anyone, not just men.

It is without a doubt that our Ahma, Angkong, Guama, or Guakong loves making our plates full. Stuffing food in our mouths until we can longer move could be their motive! This simple yet thoughtful act brings our hearts closer to them, making us adore our grandparents even more. Since Asian parents/grandparents are typically discreet when it comes to showing their endearment, it is best to assume that giving food is one of their ways of displaying their love and affection towards us.


2. Their angle for video call is too low/high.



As individuals, we need to constantly socialize for the betterment of our own, be it with our family or friends. However, in this time of the pandemic, one of the most complicated things to do is just merely head outside and visit our family members and friends. Thankfully, video calls are just one tap away. 

Video calling our grandparents has always been adorable as they attempt to adapt in utilizing new technologies and navigate through various buttons to use. Two of the things that we start noticing is seeing their confused expressions, followed by their awkward camera angle. How heartwarming!


3. They are extra protective.

Grandparents have always been more protective of their grandchildren, most of the time even more than our parents! There was a time when my older sister, at the age of 4, kept running around at a restaurant. She accidentally bumped into an employee holding about 50 Chinese plates, which eventually shattered and caused quite a commotion. My dad was about to discipline her and started to chase my sister, but then Angkong stepped in and refrained our dad from causing a huge scene. What a hero!


4. They love storytelling a historic event they experienced.

@ Jie Wei Zhou

Grandparents telling historic events that occurred during their time is one of the most interesting stories to hear. To hear more narrative, apart from what we read in school books, actually makes history more meaningful and intriguing to be accustomed to. Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes turn to hours, and yet, we all would not notice the fleeting of time by the time the story even finishes.


5. They apply White Flower on you when they think you need it.

@Fil Am Store

Ever recall a time when your head or stomach ached with your grandparents around? Ahma/Guama was always there to relieve the pain by applying White Flower (白花油) on you! A few minutes later, you will feel much better, all thanks to your Ahma/Guama!


Are there other things you notice your grannies are fond of doing? Let us know!

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