5 Underrated Delicious Dishes at Chinese Restaurants

There are so many options on the menu at Chinese restaurants that some of us, or those not so familiar with the cuisine, may miss out on some truly mouthwatering dishes.

We list some of the most underrated delicious food served at Chinese restaurants. Don’t worry! No exotic dishes here — just great food that always become crowd favorites after we introduce them to our non-Chinoy friends. 

Here are some you must try:

1. Beef Ho Fan

Photo courtesy of The Maya Kitchen

Don’t be fooled! It may look deceptively simple, but beef ho fan is an incredibly yummy dish! It usually consists of stir-fried beef, ho fan (wide rice noodles), bean sprouts, and chives. There’s also an almost equally great seafood version of this dish, if that’s more your thing!

2. Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp

Photo courtesy of  Trip Advisor

Do you consider yourself a dim sum aficionado? Have you tried vermicelli shrimp rolls? This delicious dim sum has shrimp and chives encased in a translucent rice paper wrapper. But it’s the tasty sauce that comes with it that truly makes this dish worth trying! We recommend the shrimp version, but there’s usually a pork option on menu, too.


3. Fookien Rice

Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Again, this dish may not look like much, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Fookien rice is a flavorful dish that is typically topped with diced shrimp, scallop, Chinese mushrooms, and vegetables. What also makes this rice meal special is the thick and juicy sauce that was made from cooking all of its ingredients. With everything in Fookien rice, it’s a viand in itself! But we wouldn’t fault you if you wanted to order more food to go with it.


5. Steamed Egg with Shrimp

Photo courtesy of Souped Up Recipes

Love eggs? Don’t sleep on this delectable dish: steamed eggs with shrimp and vegetables. Some Chinese call these three main ingredients the “three treasures” since all of them are beneficial for one’s health. Bonus: If your favorite Chinese restaurant has a plain egg white dish, order that, too. You can thank us later.


5. Tofu with Spinach

Photo courtesy of Asian Inspirations

Eating tofu comes with many health benefits, such as better cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. So, next time you’re at a Chinese eatery, be sure to order the tofu with spinach. It’s a healthy and scrumptious meal. What more could you ask for?

Now that you’ve heard about these underrated Chinese dishes, check out the Chinese restaurants you shouldn’t miss out on here.

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