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5 Ways To Earn Extra Income During The Quarantine

The quarantine has placed different obstacles to many Filipinos—among them is the issue of unemployment. As the number of cases increases day by day, the more it is difficult for us to step outside and go back to our normal lives.

Whether you are looking for a new side job or seeking to be more productive at home during this lockdown, here are some ways you can earn extra income:

1) Join websites like LinkedIn and Jobstreet 


Today’s technology makes it easier for us to find jobs online by merely searching through the web browser. But, you can also find jobs or internships that match your skills in sites like LinkedIn and Jobstreet just by one click away.

2) Grab freelancing opportunities 


Although freelancing has its cons, some of its benefits include choosing your clients and controlling your workload and time.

In this field, people have the freedom to showcase their capabilities. They can receive not only local jobs but also international projects as well without even leaving their homes.

3) Start selling online 


Opening a small business is the perfect opportunity to utilize your passions like cooking or baking, and turn them into profit. (Check out: Chinoys who managed to start and thrive through their business during the pandemic) 

If you want to start selling online, you have to be on online platforms where you can reach out to more people. Nowadays, business owners are taking advantage of Facebook and Viber groups; and our all-time favorite online stores, Shoppee, and Lazada to find their customers.

4) Offer to teach online courses 


If you have a background in any profession or a particular skill, you can offer lectures through Zoom webinars or even create your own online courses.

It is also an excellent time to do this since physical classes are currently not available, and many people are using this time to learn.

Just make sure you have a stable wifi connection! (Check out: Quick beauty tips to looking fresh and professional in zoom calls)

5) Increase your skills with free online courses 


If you want to go into a job but lack the specific skills, you can take up online courses that even offer a free completion certificate.

The best websites to check are the Ivy League schools and Coursera (sadly, this website still requires you to pay for a certificate, but there are still free courses available).

On the other hand, if you do not need a certificate but want to enhance your skills, you can still learn by watching free tutorials on Youtube or attending free webinars.

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