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5 Popular Taiwanese Dramas You Should Watch

Taiwanese dramas dominated the 2000s with many well-loved classics that some of us grew up watching. Many of these classics were even dubbed and broadcasted on leading television networks, resulting in an Asian telenovela craze. The amazing and good-looking actors didn’t hurt, either. For many of us, they became  our first celebrity crushes who made our hearts melt at a young age!

With the interesting plots, excellent acting, and strong chemistry between the leads, here are 5 popular throwback Taiwanese dramas you should watch or rewatch. *Wink, wink.*

1. Meteor Garden 流星花園 (2001)

Meteor Garden (2001) is the first live-action television adaption from the Japanese manga, Boys Over Flowers. It’s so popular it had a Japanese and Korean version. And in 2018, it also had a Chinese reboot with a fresh modern twist on the classic drama. Everyone swooned over the storylines and the male leads, the boy band F4. 

The well-loved drama follows Shancai as she attends Ying De University, a private and exclusive school for wealthy students from prominent backgrounds. The daring and strong Shancai encounters many troubles against the famous group, F4, which comprises of four rich and handsome boys named, Dao Mingsi, Hua Zelei, Ximen, and Meizuo. The cold bad boy Dao Mingsi starts falling in love with Shancai, tries to win her over, and protects her when she’s in trouble. Fans can also watch the sequel titled, Meteor Garden II, which features the grand graduation trip of the F4 members and Shain Cai in Spain.

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2. It Started with a Kiss 恶作剧之吻 (2005)

It Started with a Kiss is based on the Japanese manga, Mischievous Kiss. The story centers on the cheerful Yuan Xiangqin who confesses her love  for the genius heartthrob, Jiang Zhishu, but is publicly rejected. Things soon get complicated for Xiangqin. An earthquake destroys Xiangqin’s house and she moves in with her father’s college friend. Xiangqin finds out that her crush, Zhishu, lives in the same house, and romantic feelings start to develop. With its immense success, it has also spawned multiple adaptations in Korean, Japanese, and Thai, as well as a sequel titled, They Kiss Again 惡作劇2吻 (2007). It follows their married life as they both attend medical school.

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3. Hana Kimi 花樣少年少女 (2006)

Hana Kimi is a popular Taiwanese idol drama that features S.H.E. member Ella Chen and Fahrenheit members Wu Chun and Jiro Wang. Lu Ruixi becomes inspired by athlete Zuo Yiquan after watching a high jump competition on television. She then disguises herself as a boy and transfers to an all-boys institution, Ying Kai University, to meet her beloved idol. As Ruixi tries to cover up her identity, Yiquan eventually discovers her secret and starts falling in love with his roommate Ruixi. If you end up becoming a fan, you can also check out the Japanese manga its based on, Hanazakari no Kimitachihe, and its Japanese and Korean live-action adaptations.

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4. Romantic Princess 公主小妹 (2007)

Mai Qiusui, also known as Xiao Mai, was adopted by middle-class parents and dreams of becoming an heiress. Her dreams come true as Xiao Mai discovers that she is the long-lost granddaughter of the head of a prestigious aristocratic family. Little did she know that there are 4 candidates for the successors of Huang Fu Corporation. Nan Fengjin, one of the potential successors, eventually falls in love with Xiao Mai. The two face a lot of challenges in their relationship, as well as competition from other potential heirs, such as a new girl who claims that she’s the real long-lost granddaughter.

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5. Fated to Love You 命中注定我愛你 (2008)

With its high rating of 10.91, Fated to Love You or You’re My Destiny, is one of the most popular Taiwanese dramas. It was even nominated for 6 awards at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards, where it won Best Television Series and Best Marketing Programme in 2008.

Fated to Love You centers on the love story between legal assistant, Chen Xinyi, and wealthy heir, Jin Cunxi, who are from two different worlds. Xinyi becomes accidentally pregnant with Cunxi on a romantic cruise ship. The two strangers are then forced to marry. Xinyi starts developing feelings for Cuxin, but Cuxin still likes his girlfriend. With Xinyi’s miscarriage, the two part ways. After they encounter each other again years later, Cunxi starts to fall in love with Xinyi.

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