6 cool ideas for your Father’s Day gift list

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so why not take the time to plan out a little special something for your dad?

We know that shopping can be a tad bit difficult when you don’t know what to give, so we’ve decided to lend a helping hand. After all, showing support and love to our Chinoy dads is the least we can do in return for what they’ve done for us our entire lives. 

Meaningful and relatable, with a splash of fun thrown into the mix, here are six gift ideas to show your “Asian dad” some good ol’ love and appreciation: 


1. Leather Wallet 

Let’s start off with something basic: You can never go wrong with giving your dad a classic McJim leather wallet! Not only is it functional — a quality that most Asian fathers love — but it’s also a gift that can hold both cash and sentiment. Maybe you can even tuck in a family photo to complete the set!


2. Watch

One of the best gifts that you can give your family is time, and what better way to keep track of it than with a stainless steel Casio watch? Classy and affordable, this casual timepiece is a reminder of all the great memories that you’ve made and will get to make together in the future. 



3. Personalized Beer Mug

Want to sit down and have a nice beer with your dad? We bet that the experience will be a whole lot more fun when you surprise him with a specially personalized beer mug made just for him! Liven things up by etching in his name or calling him the world’s best dad — we guarantee that having a good laugh together will make the beer taste that much better. 



4. Leather Belt

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every man’s wardrobe must be in want of a couple of high-quality leather belts. If you belong to a Chinoy family, maybe you remember all those fun times when you were disciplined as a child then your father will probably appreciate this leather dual-color Bonstanten belt — after all, it’s both stylish and functional. With its reversible head, he essentially gets two minimalist stylish belts for the inexpensive price of one!



5. Power Bank

Whether your Chinoy dad is a tech whiz or not, there is no doubt that a power bank will definitely be useful for electronic emergencies outside home. Those looking for a light and easy-to-carry model may consider the Anker PowerCore Metro Slim, which is known to be suitable for a wide range of gadgets, delivering the fastest possible charge to any device both safely and efficiently. 

6. Water Bottle

During these extraordinary times, healthy living has never been more important! Whether it’s for a hike up a hill, a morning jog, or even just a trip to the office, you can make sure that your dad stays hydrated by gifting him with an excellently insulated stainless steel water bottle like the Hydro Flask. Featuring elegant minimalist designs that can suit every dad’s personality, the bottle can keep his preferred beverage either hot or cold for up to 12 hours. 


Maybe you also want to show your mom a little love and care. Why not check out this list for some more unique gift ideas?

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