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6 Do’s and Don’ts for Entrepreneurs during Ghost Month

The time of “bad” luck and general spookiness is once again upon us as we enter August this year, in what is more popularly known as the ‘Ghost Month’.

This belief is widely practiced in many parts of the world, including the Philippines but if you’re still not sure what Ghost Month is, it is the 7th month of the Chinese calendar believed to be the time of the year when the gates of the underworld open and hungry spirits roam the earth. This makes the 7th month (usually falls in August in the Roman calendar) a time for bad luck in general, so watch out!

Whether you believe in the Ghost Month or not, there is no harm in taking precautions during this season of misfortune, especially when it comes to business. WIth this, here are six do’s and don’ts for your business to keep the bad juju away this Ghost Month:

1. Do assess your current business plan

Ghost month is usually the time when the economy and business is at its slowest, as this is the time when investors take a break. This makes it a great time to reassess various aspects of your business and see which needs improvement. 

Is your business handling the pandemic well? Are there digital innovations it can take advantage of? How is the productivity turnout of your employees? Ask these questions and take this time to recalibrate your business plan.

2. Don’t make giant business purchases

According to Chinese beliefs, making expensive purchases for the business is not the best move especially during Ghost Month. It is said that this makes the spirits envious of your purchases, which makes them blow bad luck your way. 

Since this is a slow time for business, it is better to reserve your money and spend it on your business needs once business starts picking up again after Ghost Month.

3. Do finish pending projects and small tasks

Small tasks are often pushed aside to prioritize bigger projects. Since business is slow during the Ghost Month, this is the perfect time to focus on these pending tasks and projects. Finish them now so that once Ghost Month ends, you now have a fresh slate for bigger and brighter projects for your business in the upcoming months.

4. Don’t sign contracts

Chinese beliefs say that signing contracts is a big no-no during Ghost Month as the negativity of the season can manifest in the outcome of the agreement.

If you really need to do so, make sure that you have thoroughly studied the terms of the agreement. It also won’t hurt to check on the other parties involved. It might be extra but it’s best to not take your chances during this Ghost Month.

5. Do burn paper money and joss sticks

If you want to go the extra mile and appease the Ghost Month spirits, the best way to do so according to Chinese ancestors, is to burn joss sticks and paper money, also known as hell’s money.

Burning joss sticks and paper money is said to be a sign of good will– forge a good relationship with these spirits during Ghost Month and they may just throw fortune and good luck your business’ way. 

6. Don’t start projects or renovate businesses 

If it can wait, postpone renovating your business establishment or embarking on any major project while in the middle of Ghost Month. It is believed that renovations can disturb peace and attract bad spirits to your business.

Chinese experts believe that it is best to start these projects after the Ghost Month has passed.

These do’s and don’ts may seem too restrictive for a Chinese tradition. You don’t have to strictly follow them as they are merely guides that can help you in your business, whether the hungry spirits are real or not. Nevertheless, have a spooky and spectacular Ghost Month for you and your business! 

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