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6 Feng Shui Symbols You Should Have in Your Office for Career Success

A career that suffers from stagnation is believed by some to be remedied with feng shui. Whether you’re looking for a new job, changing careers, or simply want a small boost in your already successful career, these goods represent strength, optimism, and luxury. Keeping them at home, at your desk, or at your workplace, where your eyes are drawn to them, produces active feelings in your brain. This shifts your thinking in a very good direction without you even noticing it. However, simply keeping these items on your desk without knowing their capabilities will not provide you with all of the advantages as your subconscious mind would not register the positivity. With that being said, here are six feng shui symbols you should have in your office or workplace for career success:

1. Your desk

Make sure you have a desk at your office or workplace because it represents your career! A strong, robust desk is ideal for supporting and grounding. Always have the most excellent workstation you can afford and, of course, one that you like using. Brown is also associated with the earth element, thus a brown wood desk might be very beneficial. Although glass desktops are fashionable, working on such a surface might cause ideas and chances to slide through the cracks and be lost, so try to avoid that as much as possible. A desk chair with a high back is also recommended since it gives extra support and stability. This correlates to feeling more supported at work and in your career.

2. Healthy plants

Plants that are healthy and thriving are symbols of prosperity because they generate powerful qi or energy that will encourage development and success in your professional life. To stimulate development and achievement, place some living green plants around your desk and workstation. However, whichever plant you choose, be sure it is easy to care for and has enough light to live. Remember that dead or dying plants are a source of sluggish and harmful qi.

3. Coins of the Ten Emperors

The Coins of the Ten Emperors are a feng shui adjustment that promotes financial prosperity. These coins depict the Qing Dynasty’s Ten Emperors with their imperial reserves. They represent rich prosperity and power and can bring cash and money from a trustworthy and legal source. You may use them to provide support behind your desk chair. Alternatively, arranging these coins by the entrance of your house or workplace is very good.

4. Goldfish

For several reasons, goldfish are symbols of success and fortune. They are gold in hue and dwell in water, both of which are symbolic of prosperity. Moreover, folklore connects the carp with the capacity to swim upstream, jump over a waterfall, and turn into a dragon. As a result, the goldfish might serve as a reminder of your immense potential for achievement. You don’t need a live goldfish tank. Images of a goldfish may also be used to attract success into your house or workplace.

5. Flowing water

The water element represents abundance and social relationships. Both of these are characteristics of professional success. Water images or water element things around your workplace represent the flow of riches and people in your profession. If it’s anything like a water fountain, the water should be going towards you rather than away from you.

6. Show off your credentials

Show off your diplomas, certificates, and degrees! Instead of hiding them in a cupboard, frame them and show them at your office or workplace to help and promote your profession. It’s also a good idea to show photos of your mentors who have shared their expertise with you. Having photographs of your instructors and mentors indicates your commitment to following in their footsteps.

Feng Shui is an old art and science that, when employed properly, can work miracles in many aspects of your life, but your karma comes first. Feng Shui does not have a magical ability for enhancing life characteristics, but you must first believe in the art and yourself before using it in your life. 

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