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6 Fun and Educational Shows for Your Kids to Learn Mandarin

If you’re a parent that wants their child to grow up learning and speaking Mandarin, then you’re in luck! Here are some Chinese shows available that could help enrich your child’s learning of Mandarin:

1. Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan was a television series that aired on Nick Jr. and is still available on YouTube. It’s especially helpful to teach children whose first language may have been English. Each episode shows an interactive story of a little girl named Kai-Lan who has different adventures in a Chinese-American environment. Basic Chinese words are introduced, along with values to help solve each conflict.


2. Bob the Train

Bob the Train is a series that consists of popular nursery rhymes translated into Mandarin, along with original kids songs and learning videos. Parents that have a background in Mandarin could sing along with their children for fun family bonding!


3. Little Fox Chinese

Available on YouTube and their website, Little Fox Chinese features a wide collection of Chinese stories and songs that help children learn about the basics of life, Chinese culture, and of course, speaking Mandarin.


4. Daily Doodles

Daily Doodles is a YouTube channel that provides original content for kids to help develop their Mandarin beyond the classroom. Its curriculum was developed by US-based Chinese teachers. They feature videos, songs, games, stories, and printable crafts.


5. Big Ear TuTu 

Big Ear Tutu is an original Chinese cartoon series that caters to preschoolers. TuTu, the main character of the series, is constantly curious about everything around him and eager to learn. He is portrayed as a kid who loves to ask questions, and this will surely encourage your child to do the same. 


6. Fruity Ice Cream

Fruity Ice Cream is a Taiwanese series created as a Chinese program for children. Each episode is hosted by Fruit Grandmother, accompanied by two banana puppets and their friends. The show is known to be enjoyed by many children in Taiwan and Asia as it features life lessons and problem-solving skills in each episode which would help challenge your kid’s minds and logic.

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