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6 Things Chinoy Babies From The 90’S Can Relate To

Babies born in the 90’s surely miss a lot from their childhood. From playing Game Boys to blasting Backstreet Boys’ on the radio, some things are just meant to be cherished. But how about the Chinoy Babies born in the 90’s? What are some things they can never forget from their childhood?  

1) Meteor Garden

Source: Nikada

Remember rushing home from school to catch the new episode of Meteor Garden? Or copying Dao Ming Si’s ‘pineapple head’? This show is arguably one of the most loved Taiwanese dramas of all time. From its good looking characters to its quirky scenes and heartbreaking episodes, this show has truly left a mark in each of our hearts.

 2) Haw Flakes


Haw Flakes became a big trend in the Chinese community during the 90’s and the early 2000’s. This sweet and tangy snack is made from the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn. You may remember this Chinese candy given to you as a treat when you were a child or as a digestive aid when you needed one. However, it was banned in numerous countries for some time due to the ingredients it contains.

3) White Rabbit

Source: @itsRaeesa

Another candy that we will never forget from our childhood is White Rabbit. Created in 1943, this iconic candy that originated in Shanghai, China stole the hearts of numerous children across the globe, especially Chinoys. Eating this milky goodness wrapped with the edible transparent rice paper just brings back a lot of good memories. However, distribution of this product was also discontinued around 2008 because of a milk scandal. A month later though, it was brought back to the market. 

4) Cassette Tapes / MP3 Player / Bluetooth


Do you want to listen to the newest Chinese song you have been obsessing to? Well, you can find the cassette tape and the radio for that! But you want to listen to it while walking outside? You can use an MP3 Player! But you don’t have the song on your device? Maybe you can ask your friend to send you the song through bluetooth and listen to it on your phone!

5) VHS Tapes / CDs

Source: @sathapon15

It’s movie night! So where are the VHS tapes/CDs? During the 90’s, Netflix has yet to exist. Thus, if you want to watch a movie, you have to buy these tapes or CDs.

6) Playing Outdoors

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Although Game Boys and Tamagotchis already existed during the 90’s, kids of this generation still played outside with their friends and neighbors. Some of these games include Chinese garter, Bang-sak and  毽子 (jiàn zi)- Shuttlecock.

Missed your childhood? We surely missed ours too! Let us know what else we can add to this list by commenting your suggestions down below!



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