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7 Things Achis And Ahias Can Relate To

Being the eldest child, a lot is expected from you. Studies show that birth order may actually affect one’s behavior, traits and habits. At the same time, people, especially relatives, may treat you differently. So what common experiences do first-born children encounter in our community? Listed here are 7 interesting things that achis and ahias can probably relate to.

1) You are the guinea pig 

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Since you are your parents’ first child, your parents were just learning how to do parenting as you grow up. Hence, they may have been a lot stricter with you as compared to when they had your siblings afterwards. You may have seen this unfair, or probably still feel this until now.

2) Higher academic pressure

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Again, since your parents have no prior experience in having a child, they may have had high expectations on you. Classic Asian parents only accept A’s, and nothing less. Thus, you may have had this experience when you’re always expected to be at your best and to get those medals.

3) You are expected to be responsible 

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You are expected to be the most mature among your siblings. When all of you fight, your parents will probably yell at you the most for not being the bigger person. Even if you’re not included in the fight though, you also get yelled at for being “irresponsible” in handling them. You are the babysitter that must ensure peace between your siblings.

4) You got the front seat

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As the eldest, you may have gotten the front seat in the car with your mom or dad. It may be a small thing, but it’s actually fun being in front, enjoying the view, and feeling the seniority among your siblings.

 5) “Ahi/Ahya, can you drive me to..”

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You will probably be the first one to get a driver’s license. So be prepared to bring your siblings everywhere because at some point, you will be the family driver.

6) “Achi/Ahya, pabili ng..”

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Whenever you go out with your younger siblings, they will ask you to buy things for them such as food or clothes. If they’re not with you, they will still ask you to buy stuff and bring home take-away for them to eat. Although you only have few cash left, you still buy them food to make sure they’re happy.

7) You will eventually own the family business 

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In our culture and tradition, the eldest son usually gets the family business. Although in modern times, some Chinese families are starting to pass it on to their eldest daughters as well. For some, even to their younger kids.

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