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7 Things Chinoys Hear From Their Grandparents All The Time

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren.  They enrich their grandchildren’s lives with knowledge, maturity, stability, and unconditional love. They are also a wonderful resource because they have so many personal tales and experiences to offer.

Grandparents frequently spend a lot of time with their grandchildren and can have a significant impact on their grandchildren’s values. They may educate their grandchildren to respect one another and others by listening to and reacting to them politely. Grandparents are especially effective as teachers because of their unconditional love, which makes their grandchildren feel safe, comfortable, and cherished for who they are. At the core of it all, grandparents care for their grandchildren and want the best for them. While standards and customs have changed, grandparents still continue to exert influence over their grandchildren’s lives. Admit it, you probably heard your angkong or ama say this at least once in your life!

1. “Study hard!”

Chinese grandparents, who may not have received an education as good as yours, want you to take advantage of the opportunities that you have now. As such, they want you to study diligently and take your education seriously. They firmly believe that when you study hard, you will reap many rewards; nevertheless, if you do not study hard and do not take your education seriously, you may live to regret it. Grandparents are a constant reminder that you should not take your education for granted as this will bring so many opportunities in life.

2. “Learn/Speak Chinese!”

Grandparents understand that their grandchildren will have no trouble learning English or Filipino since they use it constantly at school, work, or in casual conversations with friends and acquaintances. Grandparents are known to place a high priority on culture and tradition. As a result, their grandchildren’s ability to communicate in Chinese is critical. Language is inextricably linked to cultural expression. It serves a crucial social purpose by fostering sentiments of group identification and unity through transmitting values, beliefs, and practices. It is the means of transmitting and preserving culture, as well as its traditions and shared values.

3. “Get a Chinese girlfriend/boyfriend!”

As mentioned previously, most Chinese grandparents heavily value culture and tradition. Hence why there is the infamous ‘great wall’. The fundamental reason why some Chinoys have the great wall is to preserve culture and tradition, which explains the evident preference for Chinese over non-Chinese. Although it may be difficult to understand for some, know that they are doing it simply because they want what they believe is best for you.

4. “Don’t overwork yourself!”

There is no denying that technology has simplified the way you go about your daily life. Computers help you do things faster, emails and text messages keep you in touch with others, and the internet makes it simple to discover answers to any questions with a quick Google search. While being continuously connected might make you feel safe, connected, and informed – both at work and at home – it also means you never truly clock off. It’s one thing to work a long day once in a while to finish a job or cope with a crisis, but it’s quite another to consistently work late or into the night. That may result in chronic overwork, and it can have serious consequences for your health, happiness, and general quality of life. And so, your grandparents are there to remind you to not overwork yourself, rest from time to time, and still learn how to enjoy life. After all, health is wealth!

5. “Save money!”

Saving money aids in navigating difficult situations, meeting financial commitments, and building wealth. It is critical to saving money. It gives financial stability and independence, as well as protection in the event of a financial emergency. Saving money allows you to avoid debt, which reduces stress. Despite recognizing the value of saving, you may lose sight of it and spend more of your money on the present. And as always, grandparents are always there to remind you to spend your money wisely and save money.

6. “Did you eat already?” 

Although they may not say it verbally, this is how grandparents usually express their love and care for you. When you visit them, they want to make sure you’re welcome in their home, comfortable, and well-fed. They want you to be healthy, spend time with them, and even just try out what they recently cooked. 

7. “Respect your elders!”

Seniors have a wealth of life experience and can teach you about adapting to change and dealing with life’s obstacles. They have a wealth of wisdom and expertise to impart to you. It is critical for the younger generation to understand the value of elder respect through listening to and spending quality time with them. The elderly have great power, bringing forth the conveniences that many younger generations today take for granted.

In the end, nobody succeeds in life without making errors. Your grandparents will understand this considerably better than you will. They gather insight from their failures over a half-dozen decades. So, regardless matter how much our world changes, there’s a decent chance it’ll survive the test of time over the next few decades. Make sure to listen to them even if it may sound repetitive at times because this is just how they express their love and care for you.

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