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7 Things Chinoys Hear When They Enter College

Back in high school, we’re used to being surrounded with Chinoys. However, college is a whole new arena. With a wide population of students coming from different ethnicities and cultures, Chinoys may no longer be the majority of the crowd. Hence, you will get to hear new unusual statements or questions concerning your background, lineage or heritage. But don’t worry! Chinoys get these a lot when they enter college. So if you’re wondering what these statements are, then continue reading below.

1) “You’re probably good at Math”


Truth be told, a lot of Chinoys are really good at Math. Various students from Chinese High Schools compete in different competitions, and sometimes, even represent the country in international contests. However, there are also a lot of Chinoys who do better in other subjects. While many are great at Math, some are exceptional in the Sciences, the Arts, and more.

2) “Pengeng Tikoy”


You have no idea how many people will ask you for tikoy every Chinese New Year. Our Filipino friends and classmates go crazy over tikoy, especially during CNY. You might end up bringing a whole tub to school due to high demand, and find it empty in a matter of seconds.

3) “Oh are you related to Henry Sy/Lucio Tan?”


Is your surname Sy or Tan? Then get ready with these kinds of questions. At some point, you’re just going to laugh.

4) “Can you translate this in Chinese?”


Sometimes, we’re asked to be Mr. Google Translate, but that’s okay! At least we get to flex our Chinese speaking skills. Let’s not throw the 13-15 years of Chinese classes to waste!

5) “What’s my name in Chinese?”


This, however, is something that we can not translate. Maybe we can give them suggestions?

6) At a Chinese restaurant: “Can you read this?”


There may be times when your friends would invite you to eat in a Chinese restaurant just so they could ask you to read the Chinese characters in the menu. So take the challenge and practice your Chinese!

7) “May Great Wall ka ba?”


This is usually the first question your college friends would ask you once they find out you’re Chinoy. The “Great Wall” is a term used to describe how Chinese people are discouraged to date others who aren’t of the same descent. This practice was created to preserve the culture and tradition of the Chinese. A lot of parents still enforce this practice, so this question is still very much alive on campus.  

These statements are just seven of the many more assumptions that you will hear about Chinoys. Although you will get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, it’s actually fun when you start answering them and conversing about the rich culture that we hold. You don’t only introduce the Chinoy culture to others, but you also get to share and practice the culture with them.


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