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7 Tofu Dishes You’ll Definitely Enjoy

Raise your hand if you think tofu tastes bland. Not so! Tofu actually soaks up other flavors, making it an exceptionally versatile dish. What’s more, tofu offers multiple health benefits for memory and brain health,  good skin and cholesterol levels, weight loss, and possible prostate and colorectal cancer prevention. 

Here are some must-try tofu dishes for an amazing burst of flavor:

  1. Salt and Pepper Tofu

@White Swan

The classic way to cook tofu is by deep-frying them, then seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. Simple yet delicious!

2. Mapo Tofu

@The Woks of Life

Want an authentic taste of Sichuan, China? Then, look no further than mapo tofu. Its earthy, spicy, sweet, and salty flavors will certainly leave you wide-eyed with amazement.

To know more about this tasty dish, check out the 5 most popular dishes and their interesting history.

3. General Tso’s Tofu

@Choosing Chia

Are you a fan of General Tso’s chicken? Why not go for the healthier alternative with General Tso’s tofu? It will certainly taste just as appetizing — but jam-packed with vitamins and minerals!

4. Tofu Sisig

@Kawaling Pinoy

One of the Philippines’ most famous dishes just might be sisig. However, if you ever get tired of eating meat or  just want something light, you can always opt for tofu sisig. This vegetarian dish can be truly savored — minus the guilt.

5. Sesame Garlic Tofu

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For those who love an aromatic, sweet flavored dish, sesame garlic tofu is for you. Enjoy it crispy and pan-fried to perfection!

6. Fried Tofu with Vinegar

@Conniosseurus Veg

For those who can’t get enough of vinegar, try pairing it with fried tofu for an easy, no-fuss dish. A great snack option when you’re in a rush!

7. Szechuan Style Tofu

@Feasting at Home

If you’re craving an earthy dish, go ahead and give Szechuan style tofu a try. And be sure to toss in caramelized vegetables for that extra yum factor!

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