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8 Chinoy Tiktokers on the Rise

Look out TikTokers, there are new Tik Tok stars on the rise! See who’s crushing it with likes and followers in the Chinoy community.


  1. Angela King, 19 (@angibean)

TikTok Followers26.6K followers

TikTok Likes: 162.9K likes

“I am an incoming sophomore in UP Dilliman. I like making TikToks because I think that it is a great avenue for anything under the sun: from showcasing your singing, dancing and art talents to posting educational and motivational videos. My dad and I bond by dancing to TikTok trends and laughing at ourselves after. I started off posting random videos like dance trends and funny relatable content but right now, I’m moving towards using my platform for being a voice to the voiceless, hoping to spread positivity and motivation around me.”

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  1. Andrea Lim, 21 (@andieelim)

TikTok Followers: 26K followers

TikTok Likes: 412.1K likes

“I’m currently a college student from Ateneo and I love to dance, and I love cats. I love doing TikTok because I’m able to learn many different things from other creators and I hope to help other users learn more about different things too!”

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  1. Adrian Cotoco, 21 (@adycots)

TikTok Followers: 255.6K followers

TikTok Likes: 2.7M likes

“I have a very active and crazy mind. I just randomly think of concepts mostly based on real life experiences. I make a lot of Chinese TikTok videos because I grew up living in this culture. My usual inspiration for my videos are my life experiences. I want to share what I’ve been through with the hopes of inspiring others too. I tackled Chinoy culture because I want to share our traditions and make other people understand how we go through life.”

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  1. Ryan Co, 23 (@ryanco22)

TikTok Followers: 9.5K followers

TikTok Likes: 165.7K likes

“For me, TikTok is a great creative way for me to show my funny side. It allows me to express myself but at the same time get challenged to keep up with the trends. Second, it’s something really fun to do with friends/family. I love how TikTok allows me to make people laugh but at the same time, it became a thing I do with my sisters that brought us closer and allow us to bond.”

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  1. Ishi Tan, 17 (@ishilaicaman)

TikTok Followers:  31.9K followers

TikTok Likes: 494.3K likes

“I’m a crazy and funny person. I love making TikTok videos because it’s nice to see that people appreciate the videos I create.”

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  1. Justin Alibarbar, 16 (@justinchrist2003)

TikTok Followers: 72.7K followers

TikTok Likes: 516.5K likes

“I started TikTok last December 2019 when all my friends started to dance Tiktok trends. During the pandemic, I started branching out ideas of how big TikTok can be and how I can use my small platform in teaching Chinese. I started posting videos about teaching basic Chinese, motivational and Volleyball content and people started to engage really quick and love my videos. With TikTok, I have this opportunity to spread positivity to other people.”

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  1. Pierre Diño, 18 (@pierreneilsondino)

TikTok Followers: 128.9K followers

TikTok Likes: 1.2M likes

“I’m a Chinoy who studies at De La Salle University. I love eating Dimsum. I love TikTok-ing because it ables me to voice out to my viewers by educating, entertaining, and inspiring.”

(Profile view:

  1. Dale Chua, 16 (@dpc0824)

TikTok Followers: 198.7K followers

TikTok Likes: 868.8K likes

“I’m a student athlete. I love making other people happy. I love making TikToks because I want to entertain and motivate people to keep on trying.”

(Profile view:

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