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8 Milk Tea Stores to Discover in Cebu

There is no such thing as too much milk tea, right?

Originating from Taiwan, this popular drink has become an absolute global sensation in the past decade. As a result, it’s really no surprise that bubble tea shops have been popping up left and right all over Cebu. 

For those who want their cravings satisfied, we’ve gathered a couple of local milk tea places just for you! Here are eight boba shops in Cebu for you to enjoy to your heart’s desire:


1. MooLeaf

Facebook: @mooleaf
Instagram: @mooleaf
Contact No.: 09989584462
Address: YelloCube Food Hub, 2 Wilson Place, Wilson St., Lahug, Cebu City


MooLeaf’s whiskey-infused Tipsy Eire. Source: MooLeaf official Facebook page


What better way to quench your thirst than with MooLeaf’s artisanal milk and fruit tea drinks? Offering a delicious selection of specialty cakes and milk teas, this beverage shop promises a gustatory mix that will never leave you wanting. 

Check out cool and unique mixes like MooLeaf’s whiskey-infused Tipsy Eire, chili-chocolate Devil’s Kiss, and its soju-blended Blushing Oppa. MooLeaf also serves out scrumptious pastries such as its Spiced Pumpkin Tart and Black Sesame Mochi Cake.


2. Tsazam

Facebook: @tsazammilktea
Instagram: @tsazamcebu
Address: Canduman, Mandaue City


Tsazam’s Creme Milk Tea. Source: Tsazam official Facebook page


If you’re looking for something magical, then this milk tea shop is perfect for you! Tsazam prepares freshly brewed beverages with utmost love and passion to give you the best authentic experiences that a boba life has to offer. 

Best-sellers from Tsazam include Choy Milk Tea, Creme Wintermelon, Creme Yakult, Cinnamon Tea.  


3. Urban 032

Facebook: @Urban032Cafe
Instagram: @urban032cafe
Contact No.: 09226878792
Address: Urban 032, Cebu City


Urban Classic Milk Tea by Urban 032. Source: Urban 032 official Facebook page


Enjoy the refreshing flavors of Urban 032’s milk tea while bustling through life. This milk tea store is dedicated to serving all its customers with a daily cup of character to brighten up their day. 

Some notable drinks from Urban 032’s menu are classics such as Okinawa Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea. Other crowd favorites are the cheesecake series, which includes Oreo Cheesecake, Ube Cheesecake, and Red Velvet Cheesecake. 


4. Benjamins’ Milktea & Foodhaus

Facebook: @benjaminsfoodhaus
Instagram: @benjaminsfoodhaus
Contact No.: 09063232011
Addresses: (Multiple) Talisay, Tisa, SWU/Urgello, Mandaue, Consolacion, and Badian Cebu


Benjamins’ Black Sugar Milk Tea. Source: Benjamins’ Foodhaus official Facebook page

Korean food and milk tea? We can’t imagine a better pair to indulge in! Now operating seven branches across Cebu, Benjamins’ Foodhaus presents a variety of flavorful kimchi-fusion snacks and heavenly milk teas for all to enjoy. 

Definite menu items to try are its Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea, Red Velvet Sakura Cheesecake Milk Tea, and Passionate PineOrange Fruit Tea. Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for its Kim-Cho Rice, Benjamin Bacon Rice, and Chi Dawg.  


5. Ctrl + Tea

Facebook: @ctrlteaph
Instagram: @ctrlteaph
Contact No: 09955864176
Address: Near Simply Clean Carwash, 39A Congressman Noel St., Villa Aurora Mabolo, Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City 1st District


 Assorted beverages and pastries by Ctrl + Tea. Source: Ctrl + Tea official Facebook page


Free yourself from inhibitions and control by getting yourself a cup of Ctrl + Tea! In this sweet store, you’ll not only discover some amazingly authentic Taiwanese milk tea to satisfy your senses but also some super yummy treats for you to binge.

Some of Ctrl + Tea’s must-tries are its Wintermelon, Thai, Okinawa, and Taro/Ube Milk Teas. The shop also has a selection of Mini Basque Burnt Cheesecake Bites and Mini Red Velvet Crinkles for you to munch on.


6. Golden Sugar

Facebook: @GoldenSugarTea
Instagram: @goldensugartea
Address: 9 Don Mariano Cui Street Barangay Capitol Site 1st District


Assorted drinks by Golden Sugar. Source: Golden Sugar official Facebook page


Why not have a golden time with Golden Sugar Tea? Savor all the goodness that comes with the local luscious flavors of Taiwanese milk tea and other decadent treasures in this lovely beverage shop. There really is nothing quite as indulgent as this. 

To truly give yourself a rewarding experience, have a go at Golden Sugar’s best-selling Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea and Golden Sugar Roasted Milk Tea. Golden Sugar is also known for the rest of its Cream Cheese line — be sure to have a sip of fresh milk-based drinks like its Cream Cheese Dark Chocolate Milk Tea and Cream Cheese Matcha Milk Tea.


7. Driptea Treehouse

Facebook: @DripTeaTreehouse
Instagram: @driptea_treehouse
Contact No: 09615790054
Address: Tree House, R Aboitiz St 6000 Cebu City


Driptea Treehouse’s Premium Milk Teas. Source: Driptea Treehouse official Facebook page


Founded by a young homegrown entrepreneur from Manila, Driptea Treehouse is a project made to express an immense love for tea — and it shows! Showcasing a unique blend of flavors that adventurous milk tea enthusiasts are sure to appreciate, this boba shop is surely one for the bucket list. 

Discover new flavors of milk tea with Driptea Treehouse’s innovative menu, which includes intriguing drinks such as its Nutella Milktea, Cookie Dough Milktea, and White Rabbit Milktea. Classics like Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Wintermelon Milkteas are also available.


8. Milk Tea in a Gallon

Facebook: @milkteainagallon
Instagram: @milkteainagallon
Address: Cebu City



Pearls and Milk Tea by Milk Tea in a Gallon. Source: Milk Tea in a Gallon official Facebook page


Ever considered buying milk tea in bulk? If you’ve ever wanted to stock up on this luxurious beverage, Milk Tea in a Gallon, Cebu’s first-ever gallon milk tea store, is here just for you! 

Milk Tea in a Gallon offers three flavors in gallon-sized bottles: Classic, Bubble, and Wintermelon. Each gallon may make 10-15 servings of milk tea. Sinkable Pearls are also available for purchase. 

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