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8 Scenes From Meteor Garden (2018) We Fell In Love With

Have you seen the sneak peek of the latest Thai remake of Meteor Garden? If you did, it probably made you miss watching the kilig moments in Meteor Garden 2018. Here are 8 scenes from the Chinese drama that will make you fall in love with Daoming Si and Dong Shancai all over again!

1) Ms. Flying Kick

This famous scene where Dong Shancai kicked Daoming Si right at his untouchable perfect face had made us laugh so hard and cheer for Shan Cai’s bravery! It made her look like a hero and a professional karate master too.

2) Cute to Gorgeous

We all know that Shancai is cute and all but when Daoming Si gave her a transformation she looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Of course we cannot ignore the fact she stated some pretty intellectual points to knock Daoming Si off his high horse.

3) First Kiss Moment

Aside from Daoming Si giving Shancai a makeover, she had a transformation with Jing too when she gave her some clothes and fixed her hair and makeup which got everybody’s attention at the party! Also the time when the DJ closed the lights and they accidentally kissed! When the lights turned on, everybody was shocked to see them kissing! This scene is definitely one of the most OMG moments in Meteor Garden. 

4) Pineapple Hair

When Shancai participated in a cooking competition to impress the mother of Daoming Si and to win the prize, she went blank and lost inspiration on what kind of meal she should make for her winning dish. Daoming Si then forcefully entered the area where Shancai can see him to cheer her up which led her to remember Daoming Si’s pineapple hair. This made her grab the idea of placing pineapples in her dish which made the ordinary Eight Treasure Noodle Soup taste extraordinary! When she was asked by the judge where she got the idea from, you can see how her eyes shifted to Daoming Si. How cute is that?!

5) First Date

That moment when Daoming Si lowkey asked Shancai out and it ended up being a disaster since they got stuck in the elevator. On the bright side, Shancai saw a different side of Daoming Si which probably led her to open her heart a bit more for him.

6) Body Heat

Remember the time when the group went on vacation and Shancai was tricked by Baihe into going out even with the harsh weather and got lost? Daoming Si was quick to dash out the door to find Shancai and took her to a nearby hut where they could warm up in the cutest way possible!

7) The Breakup Meal

All dramas have their own heartbreaking scenes that will make us cry buckets and this is one of the sad scenes for this drama! Even though it is hard to watch because they need to go separate ways, we can’t help but appreciate how calm and understanding both of them are to each other. This truly shows how mature they have become compared to when they first met each other where they banter endlessly. 

 8) The Famous Necklace

And lastly, the classic scene where Daoming Si gave Shancai a custom-made necklace just specifically for her! Of course with the famous line of Daoming Si where he said, “Because you’re the only one i’d trade all the meteors in the sky for.”

Which scene was your favorite from Meteor Garden 2018? Let us know in the comments below! 

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