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8 things Chinese parents hear ALL the time

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Author’s note: The beauty of this article lies in its humorous, non-serious, and satirical nature. Therefore, while it does convey certain truths, it must be read from that point of view. Enjoy!

The Chinese culture transcends borders in the sense that wherever you go, you’ll see people of Chinese ethnicity sharing common characteristics.

Whether Chinese-Filipino, Chinese-American, or even Chinese-Australian, no one can deny that Chinese people share similarities. Wearing red, for example? That’s common to almost all Chinese people wherever they live. 

No better can common characteristics be seen than in Chinese parents, our strict but loving Chinese parents! No matter where they may be from, here are eight things Chinese parents hear ALL the time.


1. Their children not replying to them back in Chinese

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You know that moment when parents try their best to speak to their children in Chinese and the children just answer in English or if they’re in the Philippines, Taglish? Way too common.


2. “More allowance please.”

Ah yes, now we’re talking money, a topic always (by always, literally always) talked about by Chinese parents and their children who want the extra cash.


3. Credit card number for Shopee

Online shopping, online shopping! Certainly an invention our great ancestors of old never would’ve imagined. And yet, it doesn’t matter if it’s extra allowance or the parentals’ credit card number for online shopping, parents will (probably) always respond in a similar way: “Save money!!” 


4. “Ugh, not Chinese food again!” 

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So the family patriarch just turned a grand old age of 90 and joy overflowed! Everyone wore red, gifts abounded, and the food. Oh my, the delicious, healthy… Chinese food. Chinese food again, and again, and again. 

Poor kids; they don’t ask for much. They probably just want a juicy burger or a hot slice of pizza and they’ll be completely satisfied.


5. Longer curfew schedules

Hang outs… They’re one of the best things to do during free time! Imagine: it’s a Friday night and all you just want to watch a great movie. The problem: school ends at 5 p.m. and the next show is at 7… Ain’t enough time to enjoy the movie and get home before the 9pm curfew set by the parentals! Sorry, try again next time. 

But speaking of hang outs…


6. If it’s okay to go to a sleepover

Hang outs seem hard to get by but sleepovers? Oh my goodness, impossible! Kids, occasional sleepovers might do you good but please, find a suitable way when asking your parents for permission. And never, repeat, never ask if it’s alright for your dad to get off work just to pick you up. Consider yourself instantly grounded!

Image: Sherdog Forums

7. “You keep getting all the napkins of the restaurant! Do we really need that much?” 

A lot of Chinese people have the habit of dining in a restaurant and before leaving, getting every single napkin and unused chopsticks on the table. Proof? Under non-pandemic circumstances at least, just visit their home dining table and you’ll see napkins of all brands and colors. After all, as the popular slogan goes, “We’ve got it all for you!” 


8. “Ma, do we recycle or throw this Tupperware?”

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This is outright sacrilegious to ask. There’s only one answer to that question: RECYCLE that Tupperware and don’t let it go to waste! 

Seriously though, we have to establish the culture of recycling stuff like Tupperware and plastics. Sustainability can be practiced in the everyday simple things and really, who knows, you might just get the surprise of your life when you see that container of ice cream in the freezer with anything BUT ice cream in it.

In the end, though, as much as we might have a good laugh about these, we ought to really appreciate our parents.

They might be strict, but they are loving, too. We might not always agree with them, but we always ought to give them a chance. We only get them once in our lives, so let us treasure them.


The author of this article: 

An accomplished young Chinese Filipino writer and media personality, Aaron S. Medina is associated with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Ateneo de Manila University Chinese Studies Program, the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies, and CHiNOY TV. He has a passion for truth, justice, and Pokémon, too! Follow him on Facebook:

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