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8 Things You’ll Understand When You Have Tiger Parents

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Are you a tiger cub? Well, if you’re reading this, you probably want to see how other Tiger Parents are and if you can relate with other cubs or not. In case you didn’t know, a tiger cub is a child raised by tiger parents (A.K.A Strict Parents). Although our tiger parents might have a tight leash on us, we know that they still love us to bits and just want the best for us. Here are 8 relatable things you’ll understand when you have tiger parents!

1) Your friends celebrate when you can finally go out with them

When your friends invite you to go out every day but you can’t have fun tomorrow if you had fun today.

2) You would only play with your gadgets during weekends

Remember when we had to turn in our PSP/Nintendo DS/Gameboy to mom on Sunday evening?

3) You would always feel nervous during Parent-Teacher conferences

No matter how well you performed in school, the PTC will make you think of all possible things your teacher might’ve noticed from you to report to your parents.

4) You’re always home before midnight

This is when we all feel like Cinderella.

 5) Free time = Ko Tiam


“No classes? Go to the office and ko tiam!”

6) You can never be on your phone for too long

Photo courtesy of Venture Academy

Tiger parents just seem to think our gadgets are only for entertainment.

 7) You’re always the baby of your group of friends

Photo courtesy of odyssey

Being raised by tiger parents, you will have that shoti/shobe vibe from people since you practically are being treated like a kid. 

8) You get nervous when you get a grade lower than 90.

This is why 5-item quizzes are the worst.

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