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A Gift to be Treasured this Chinese New Year: Hennessy’s Exquisite limited-edition V.S.O.P and X.O for the Chinese New Year are the perfect gift to welcome the Year of the Dragon

The Dragon in traditional Chinese culture symbolizes luck, honor, power, and success. It is the supernatural epitome for talent and excellence. It’s no wonder that Hennessy — the world’s largest producer of Cognac, and the undisputed “king” of this luxurious sipping spirit — would celebrate the power of the dragon this Chinese New Year with limited-edition V.S.O.P and X.O Limited Edition bottles featuring these mythical beings in collaboration with the visionary artist Yang Yong Liang.

Yang Yong Liang is a Chinese-born artist whose body of work is inspired by his ancestral culture and the famous Shan Shui. He is a painter with digital photography as his medium. In Yang’s work, the dragons are free, full of vigor and wisdom. Rather than fear, they inspire awe and reverence. 

“I was born in a strange place,” Yang shared. “When I went to shoot in my hometown with Hennessy’s team, I went to some places I used to go when I was a child and found dragon totems everywhere. Perhaps, these elements and images were subtly flowing in my blood as I grew up.” He confessed that he believed that the dragon actually existed, but we just can’t see them anymore. “So for me, it’s a mysterious and familiar thing.” 

The dragons Yang has designed with Hennessy are a bit different from his previous works. “I made a few changes to Hennessy’s because I wanted to be closer to the modern aesthetic taste and habits, so I created a new state,” he confessed. “I think the concept of ‘dragon’ has a perfect fit with Hennessy,” he added, “because dragons were actually water gods in ancient China. For me, Hennessy is a mysterious liquid from ancient times, and I feel there is a deep connection between the two. So when they came to me, I felt quite excited about this project.”




A luxurious and refined toast to the new year

Just as the dragon soars to new heights, Hennessy invites you to take your CNY festivities to the next level with these Limited Editions, where timeless craftsmanship meets contemporary creativity. 

Hennessy V.S.O.P is a signature blend for celebrations. The limited edition giftset is encased in red with touches of gold for joy and good luck, V.S.O.P was created in 1817 by 1st generation Master Blender, Jean Fillioux. This blend has remained untouched since its creation. A distinctive classic unanimously loved for its versatility with a balanced and smooth tasting profile. Drink it neat, on ice, in a cocktail, or a long drink, with family and friends to celebrate the New Year. 

Hennessy X.O. is a sensorial experience. It’s the perfect gift to offer during the festive season for family and co-workers. The gold color on the decanter heralds prosperity and fortune to the lucky recipient of this gift. X.O. was created in 1870 by 3rd generation Master Blender, Emile Fillioux. It was especially crafted at Maurice Hennessy’s request for friends and family. This complex Cognac is a powerful sensorial odyssey that has become a timeless icon as the world’s first X.O blend. 

What better way to welcome an exciting new Year of the Dragon with these limited-edition Hennessy offerings that are both the finest Cognac and spectacular works of art too?

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon and grab the exclusive #HennessyYangYongliang V.S.O.P and X.O bottles at the first Hennessy Chinese New Year pop up at Greenbelt 5 from January 19 until February 11, 2024. Visit https://ph.hennessy.com/ to learn more. Drink responsibly. 

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