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A Love So Beautiful Korean remake is near and we are so excited!

Will our hearts be ready for another high school romance?

We all know the hit C-drama from 2017 ‘A Love So Beautiful’. Some of us even watched it a hundred times because Hu Yu Tian and Shen Yue’s chemistry is absolutely adorable! With Chen Xiao Xi having a huge crush on the campus hottie Jiang Chen, it will never be a not-binge-worthy drama.

If you haven’t watched the Original story, we highly encourage you to watch it!
Chinese Drama Trailer:

The leading trio for the Korean remake is Wei’s Kim Yohan as Cha Heon or Jiang Chen, Seo Hoo Yeon as Shin So Yi or Chen Xiao Xi, and Yeo Hoe Hyun as Woo Dae Sung or Wu Bo Song.

Although the original drama has a total of 23 episodes and a duration of 45 minutes each, the Korean adaption will have 24 episodes and each episode will be about 20 minutes long.

We’re excited to see if the Korean remake will follow the original story or will they add a dash of Korean culture. Will this be another Scarlet Heart where people gave more attention to the Korean remake than the Chinese original or will people love both versions?

Great news! The Korean remake of A Love So Beautiful is set to air this December 28, 2020, on Kakao TV!

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