The Chinese culture in the Philippines can be traced back hundreds of years ago, when China first came to the Philippines for trading relations. From then on, China’s influence on Filipinos was unstoppable. In 1594, Binondo was born and would become the largest Chinatown in the world. It would also become home to a thriving community of Chinese-Filipinos with a culture unlike any other, encompassing food, language and business, to name a few.
Today, many of these elements remain. And with our multiplatform potential, we at CHiNOY TV believe that it is our responsibility to educate the modern Chinese-Filipino community of their heritage, all the while being the voice of Chinese-Filipinos in promoting relevant issues in the country. We’ve done this since 2010, and along the way, we’ve garnered recognitions from reputable award-giving bodies and media companies. Among them is the 2019 Best Magazine Show at the 17th Gawad Tanglaw Awards.

As one of the country’s fastest-growing multiplatform agencies, we make it a point to adapt to this day’s knowledge-sharing demands by making the most of digital innovations. Understanding the importance of conveying accessible information, we’ve consistently grown our online presence by tapping social media channels and partnering with innovative brands. Meanwhile, with our team of production professionals, we continue to be a go-to agency for putting together some of the country’s biggest events, from business seminars to a national pageant.

We likewise continue to be inspired by influential Chinese-Filipinos in the country. Their contributions in business, entertainment, the arts, and politics, among others, drive us to help the younger Chinoy generation develop their full potential so that they, too, can be of service to the country in unique ways. Through them, we believe that we can also further preserve the Chinese-Filipino culture not just in Binondo, but in other Chinese-Filipino communities in the Philippines.


To be the leading multi-platform media company that targets the Chinese-Filipino community in the Philippines.


To promote and preserve the Chinese-Filipino culture through our different platforms.

To provide by regularly upholding the works and lives of our remarkable fellows in the Chinese-Filipino community.

To give the Chinoy youth different avenues to maximize their talents in various fields.

To bridge the relationship between the Chinese and Filipino communities.


We are a multiplatform agency that promotes the Chinese-Filipino culture through relevant content and unique experiences. Learn more about Chinoys by watching our lifestyle television show, reading our seasonal magazines or simply following us on our social media pages. We’ll also help you connect with the Chinese community through public relations and translation jobs. Tap us for your next event, we’ll take care of everything from planning to documenting too!


More than promoting the Chinese-Filipino culture in the Philippines, CHiNOY TV believes in making a worthwhile change.

Through our advocacies, we want to empower Chinese-Filipinos everywhere to embrace their unique identities and use them to touch the lives of those in, as well as outside, the Chinese-Filipino community.

Chi-V Program

Chi-V is the junior production team established by Chinoy TV focused mainly on producing contents that are relatable and relevant to the Chinoy community. 

It aims to develop young talents who are interested in the production industry. Likewise, it aims to provide an avenue of learning and real life immersion to the volunteers through Chinoy TV’s events and resources.

Chi-V will also serve as the training ground / selection pool for hiring in-house talents as each Chi-V program is tailor fitted to a specific purpose / need of Chinoy TV.

Chinoy Cares

Co-organized with the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students and the Miss Chinatown Foundation, this is CHiNOY TV’s very own volunteer platform. Through young Chinese-Filipino care advocates, the organization plans and executes charity drives for the marginalized and at-risk communities.


By helping Chinese-Filipinos be proud of their heritage and identity, there’s no stopping them from achieving anything they set their mind to. Since its inception in 2019, this campaign has reached and empowered hundreds of Chinoys. Join the movement by using #IAmChinoy online!

Projects and Events


Chinatown Ball

Hosting Workshop


Modern Tao Ke