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Achieve your #lifegoals with a home inspired by the world’s best beaches

Are you living your best life?

Yes, we know we are in tough times but there’s still a choice to live mindfully and meaningfully. It can mean pursuing life’s greatest pleasures — whether that be a morning stroll alongside nature, a delicious meal with friends, or a relaxing day at the beach. To live out our days to the fullest is the dream. 

But what exactly does it mean to live out our days to the best that they can be? Although each one of us may have our own differing views on what our #LifeGoals should be, we think that we can come to an agreement that the ideal life is one that is balanced, harmonious, and in touch with the natural world. 

Of course, the best way to do this is to create an environment that allows you to foster your best self. If you’re unsure of what that means for you, don’t panic! Check out our bucket list to see what may help to inspire happiness in your everyday living:


1. A healthy work-life balance 

At a time when we are encouraged to stay at home to stave off the ill effects of a global pandemic, the lines between our domestic and professional lives have grown to be more and more blurred. To avoid burnout and nurture a positive state of mind, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is more important than ever. And what better environment to reflect this balance than a tropical pocket of paradise in the city? 

Located right by SLEX and Skyway in Bicutan, Parañaque City, Azure Urban Resort Residences is the first residential community developed with its own man-made beach in the Philippines. Consisting of nine majestic towers inspired by the most beautiful beaches in the world —  from those in the Philippines’ own Boracay to those in Brazil’s Rio — Azure Urban Resort Residences is a home that allows you to be both one step away from the conveniences of an urban hustle and the relaxing holiday that we all so desperately need! 


Azure’s residential buildings surrounding the man-made beach.


2. Daily basking under the sun

Getting that everyday happy boost of serotonin is crucial to #SelfCare. One great way to get some sun is to enjoy the embodiment of summer — the beach! Master-planned by the international award-winning architectural firm Broadway Malyan, Azure Urban Resort Residences features breathtaking resort-inspired amenities that include a white-sand man-made beach, beach bar, beach playground, beach volleyball court, and a clubhouse called the Paris Beach Club, designed by the global celebrity Paris Hilton. 

Do you know what this all means? Enjoying a tan by the shoreline has never been easier! Just step out of your home!


Man-made beach.


3. Accessibility to convenience

Sometimes, we find ourselves so absorbed in the hustle that we forget that it is absolutely okay to make things a little easier for ourselves. The best thing about living in a resort-inspired residence is the concierge services that allow us to save those valuable extra minutes for ourselves. 

Maybe you might plan, for example, to go out exploring and finding new haunts to dine in. After all, Azure Urban Resort Residences is located in one of the trendiest areas in Metro Manila! In this case, the resident community’s highly trained staff can help improve your day by assisting in your everyday tasks — from booking appointments and reserving in-house amenities to calling up a taxi and advising on city destinations, here’s a chance to celebrate more stress-free days!


4. A space for recreation

We’ve seen plenty of articles telling us how to conjure the most productive workspaces, but what about the spaces we have for recreation? In addition to the spacious and airy units available in Azure Urban Resort Residences, residents will also have access to modern indoor and outdoor amenities that allow for several avenues of creative leisure. 


Bare units of Azure South.


The Paris Beach Club, as designed by Paris Hilton, for instance, includes a gym, a movie room, a game room, a children’s playroom, function rooms, and even a cafe, amongst other facilities and services. Out in the open, residents may further explore the community’s wave pool and lagoon pools, alongside their many superbly designed beach-inspired spaces.

Invest in what makes you happy today! Developed by the multi-awarded Century Properties Group, Azure Urban Resort Residences is a world-class project that allows you to indulge in tropical bliss even in the city, without sacrificing the conveniences of an urban modern life, providing you access to outstanding relaxation, entertainment, and dining facilities that serve your heart’s desires. 


Greet an everlasting summer now, and score yourself a condo home by logging on to www.azure.com.ph. Inquire about flexible payment terms by chatting with any of our property specialists. Your future paradise awaits. 

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