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Activities Chinoys Should Try With Their Families

Let’s be honest, some of us are running out of things to do this quarantine. But that’s okay. Instead of constantly binge-watching Netflix, here are some other activities you should try with your family:




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Mahjong “is set with 144 tiles based on Chinese symbols and characters” like bamboo and dots. Since the Qing dynasty, it has been a game that no one can seem to get tired of.  This is because the game is fun and thrilling and is good for all ages. So the next time you play Mahjong, try challenging your ama and angkong.


Chinese Calligraphy


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Chinese calligraphy may be a chore for some of us in high school, but it can be fun doing it with your family. Rather than wait for those art and wine classes to open up, try writing calligraphy while having a few sips of wine with your family for the time being.

Tai Chi


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The bad thing about quarantine is the lack of physical activity as we constantly move around the same space. Instead of using your phones, try doing Tai Chi to shake up those muscles. Who knows, it can be a new way for you guys to bond.

Jiàn Zi


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As much as we want to play sports, we can’t. Luckily, Jiàn Zi is a sport that doesn’t require a big area to play in, just a shuttlecock and your family members. To play this game, you have to not let the shuttlecock touch the ground using your body parts (except the hands).

If you’re going to play it indoors, just make sure you have a wide space to not hit anything valuable.

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