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An Open Letter To My Grandparents

Dear Angkong & Ahma / Gwakong & Gwama,

One of my favorite parts, whenever I’m visiting you, is listening to your stories about your childhood and how it was like back in your young days during the 50s-60s. I find it interesting how you managed to communicate with your friends in a world with no technology. How it was possible to study in school without the internet to help whenever you are unsure of what a certain lesson is all about. But the best part about being with you is that I get to learn about your experiences, as well as, gain advice about how I would be able to lead my life better. I learned numerous things from you and some of the most memorable ones are the following: First, you used to teach me hours on how to properly hold a pen whenever I’m writing as I would always forget and hold it in an awkward angle. Next, I learned the proper way of peeling an apple using only a knife. You were reluctant to teach me this as it may accidentally cut me so you’d always guide me by doing this. Third, I learned how and when I can use white flower/menthol sticks whenever I have a headache, stomachache, or whatever ache. I found out that it is some sort of magical tool that makes any kind of pain go away. Lastly (my favorite), You taught me beauty tips on how I can avoid wrinkles as much as possible. Yes, Ahma, I’ll be wearing sunscreen on my face and body every day by the time I reach 20. 

I can also never forget how much you spoiled me as I am your first apo and how delighted I am every time I get to see you. At times, I wish I had been born earlier so I would get to spend more time with you and see the different stages in your life — as a child, a young adult, as a parent, and finally where we are now with you as a grandparent. You were and are still always there for me. There was even a time when I was 3 and running around the hotel buffet where I accidentally knocked a waiter off-balance which caused a hundred dishes to shatter. You were there to tell my mom and dad to let it slide as I hid behind you. After all, “It’s the parents’ duty to discipline and for grandparents to spoil and indulge.” 

To end, I want you to know that I am extremely grateful for everything you have taught me. From the start, you have shown me nothing but love and I thank you for that. You truly made the world a better place for me and I can’t imagine my life without you. You play an important role in my life and you may have not heard this from me a lot but I love you and I would give the world to you.


Your first grandchild

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