An ‘OX-picious’ Chinese New Year Celebration at Ayala Malls

Ayala Malls

Ayala Malls recently celebrated the Chinese New Year with a bang!

The festivities to welcome an auspicious Year of the Metal Ox were filled with amazing food, art installations, performances, webinars, and games and raffles.

Ayala Malls, in partnership with CHiNOY TV, presented Chinatown Village, where people were able to enjoy a wide array of food stalls and trinket stores conveniently and safely. Shoppers and their loved ones could also take Instagrammable photos of the vibrant art installations of Chinese paper lanterns, gates, and other décor. On top of that, the Lion and Dragon Dance brought smiles to the mallgoers’ faces and brightened their days, inviting good luck for the year ahead.

Ayala Malls


The Modern Tao Ke Food Fair introduced the community to small businesses owned by Chinoy entrepreneurs, in partnership with Globe myBusiness, GCash, CHiNOY TV, and and Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim. Golden Buddhas, jade bracelets, and lucky coins were seen adorning the tables, ready to be sold to those interested in attracting prosperity for the year. Hopia, siopao, siomai, and of course, tikoy were abundant as well.

Free hopia from Eng Bee Tin was given to activity participants and Chinatown Village visitors during auspicious hours. People that completed their Chinatown passports even got GCash Ang Paos from Globe as special prizes!


Ayala Malls


In addition, the fun and informative webinars got a great response from the online community looking for a way to celebrate the Chinese New Year at home, as they cooked the recipes shared by Chef Sharwin Tee.

The Chinese New Year’s celebration isn’t over yet as there’s one more webinar you can tune into on February 27, 2021, Saturday, at 4pm. Start preparing to renovate your home in line with the 2021 trends while welcoming wellness and prosperity into your home with the guidance of Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran.

With the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Ayala Malls brought Chinatown closer to mallgoers to celebrate the new year and good tidings.

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