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Most Interesting Things About Awkwafina from Her Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Cover Story

Chinese-Korean star Awkwafina made her big debut in the hit movie, Crazy Rich Asians. She also went on to win a Golden Globe for her role in the small, critically acclaimed film, The Farewell. And now, she graces the cover of prestigious magazine Harper’s Bazaar February 2021 issue.

What is there to know about this funny lady? A lot. We chose the most endearing and relatable tidbits and put them on this list.


Awkwafina on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.


  1. Awkwafina’s real name is Nora Lum. Awkwafina was her high school nickname given by her friend.
  2. She distinguishes between Awkwafina and Nora. While one was made to entertain, the other was meant to do normal things like eat and sleep.
  3. Ever since she was a teenager, she had depression and attention deficit disorder (ADD). And for her, the Awkwafina persona was just one way to push past that. Awkwafina came without all the baggage Nora Lum carries in everyday life.
  4. She was the “bad kid” in school. She ditched class, smoked cigarettes, and weed, and she always got caught. She was a C-minus student who barely graduated.

    Source: Harper’s Bazaar

  5. She started from humble beginnings, working at a vegan deli before starting to make some money as a rapper.
  6. She recorded a music video for her notorious song, “My Vag,” on her 24th birthday at the suggestion of a friend. That thrust her into the life of gigs and talent fees.
  7. Despite the signs of success, just like some of us, she also experienced impostor syndrome.
  8.  She’s set to star in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid; a Netflix comedy with Sandra Oh, in which they play sisters; and the Apple TV+ movie Swan Song.

Awkwafina/Nora Lum is so real and relatable as she talks about her experiences before and after her stardom. She’s so down to earth in her interview that it’s kind of difficult to remember how big of a star she is right now — and one that’s continuing to rise.

Awkwafina. Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.


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