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Barbie-core in China: Check out these traditional takes on Barbie fashion!

Face it: We’re all Barbie girls living in a Barbie world — unless you’re a Ken, of course!

Making global history by hitting one billion dollars at the box office, Barbie is the hottest movie of the summer, an achievement further glorified by the thousands of moviegoers dressed to the nines in all shades of pink. Even in China, where the iconic doll brand has not particularly performed well in, Barbie-core has officially taken over, with crowds rushing in not only to watch the film but also to post their amazingly planned OOTDs. 

Aside from the typical Barbie looks of miniskirts, dresses, and tops that have trended all over the world, Chinese fans have also carved their own niche in Barbie-core, adding a traditional flair to the pink scene. From delicate hanfus to silky cheongsams, check out these fashionable Chinese takes on how to be a Barbie:


This Barbie is a luxurious Chinese princess!

East meets West in this pretty pink ensemble! Looking like a doll herself, this Barbie fan came dressed in a delicately beautiful pink hanfu, accessorized with a matching Chanel necklace and mini pink caviar bag. 


This Barbie’s best friend is Batman!


Barbies come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we have one Barbie comfortably pairing a modern tank top with a glitzy pink beizi — a traditional Chinese “jacket” that falls with a parallel collar — and the other proudly showcasing a fairy pink Batman tutu.    


This Barbie is a poetic soul!

With an ink brush held high, this wise Barbie is a perfect portrait of baby pink grace with this delicately embroidered hanfu. Although yuanlingpao (read: round-collar robes) are typically worn by men, hanfu designers have, over the years, creatively reinterpreted the style for women, too.


This Barbie is ready for a fine night out!

It’s modern yet traditional, intricate but simple. Dressed in a floral embroidered cheongsam, this classy Barbie deserves all the fine things in life, and she knows it!


This Barbie is a historical beauty!

This Barbie was pretty in pink before the first emperor of Qin unified China! If you ever wondered what a Barbie from the Warring States period would look like, then this amazing look certainly understood the assignment.


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