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Best Short Hairstyles With Bangs For Asian Girls

Many Asian women are born with the beauty of an oriental look – monolid eyes, glass-skin features, and a lot more. Although when it comes to the hair game, a woman’s style can tell a lot about her personality. Sometimes the uniqueness of her hair can even make her stand out from the rest!

Asian hairstyles have come a long way, from siopao buns to fringe bangs, short wispy layers to long loose waves. Asian hair trends have always found ways to diversify looks. This year, short hairstyles and bangs are back on-trend and making waves in social media. Here are some inspirations that anyone can – and should – try in their next salon appointment.

1) Asian Pixie with Bangs

Beat the summer heat with a pixie cut for that nice airy breeze. Top it off with some soft wispy bangs for an edgier look. A woman trying out this hairstyle would feel lighter and cooler around the neck. Plus, her bangs flatter the face shape to appear smaller and finer.






2) Shag Bob with Front Fringe Bangs

Women who opt for a Shag haircut is a great choice for that natural, effortless, low-maintenance #IWokeUpLikeThis The haircut also visually appears to have this rock ‘n’ roll and crown feature effect where layers are feathered at the top down to the sides. Perfect for a woman who likes to feel light around the neck with a little volume on the sides.





3) Out-Turn with Bangs

Going for a sweet and simple look? A short out-turn hairstyle is definitely a must-try. Very known for its clean and tidy appearance. This hairstyle is best suited for women going for a morning brunch, tea party, and other light formal events.






4) Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy bobs are to boost the thickness and volume of the hair. This look is very common for women going for a messy, sporty, casual style. Usually, it is also partnered with streaks of highlight throughout. Wavy bobs also work well for women who want to slim down their face shape and appear fresh and young.

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