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Books Written by Chinese Authors to Look Forward to

More and more authors of Chinese descent are making a name for themselves, as evidenced in the New York Times’ bestsellers list. So it’s only fitting to learn who they are and the works that they have published. Here’s a round-up of the ones we’re looking forward to!


1. “Clues to the Universe” by Christina Li

Set in 1983, this depicts a genuine friendship that sprouted from being science class partners — Ro, a biracial Chinese-American girl whose only dream is to be a rocket scientist, and Benji, a white boy whose head is full of dreams and fictional stories that he puts into drawings. They have their fair share of conflict, of both grief and heartbreak, but somehow they find a way towards each other.


2. “Last Night at the Telegraph Club” by Malinda Lo

A historical fiction based on San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 1950s, this tells the story of a teenage girl named Lily who grapples with the cultural expectations of Chinese immigrant parents, racism and anti-queer sentiments, all wrapped up with the awkwardness of experiencing first love.


3. “We Could Be Heroes” by Mike Chen

This standalone adult science fiction novel features two misfits, Jamie and Zoe, whose memories were erased. The two eventually turn into reluctant heroes–once a vigilante and the other a bank robber who must choose to combine their powers for the greater good all while trying to discover who they really are.


4. “Luck of the Titanic” by Stacey Lee

We all know the tragedy of the Titanic. This one adds another heartbreaking layer to it with the life of Valora Luck, who vies make a future for herself and her brother in America. Her only way into the country however, is through an owner of a circus, whom Val ends up convincing to take in herself and her brother as acrobats. He accepts but the ship they board is the one called the Titanic. 


5. “How We Fall Apart” by Katie Zhao

Looking for suspense and drama? Check out Katie Zhao’s “How We Fall Apart,” a Young Adult novel that unravels a group of students at an elite Asian prep school. They must confront their secrets when their ex-friend is discovered dead. This telling offers an inside look into Asian American upbringing that involves hyper-competitive school environments, strict upbringings, racial identity, and the pressure to emanate immigrant success.

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