Brow Sculpting: Is it worth it or not?

Different semi-permanent makeup services have been present in the Philippines for more than a decade. From its scary history of needles and high-maintenance procedures to becoming a more understood side of the beauty industry, the history of semi-permanent makeup has come a long way. 

When I interviewed Keighty Wong for an exclusive CHiNOYTV feature, I got myself curious on whether or not it’s really worth it to delve into the world of semi-permanent makeup. Keighty is Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’sStudio’s chief operating officer and senior microblading expert. 

Before our interview, I already know—by the experience of some known personalities and close friends—that Strokes is one of the go-to studios for all things brows, lashes, and nails. It is best known for its Brow Sculpting service, which is its very own take on microblading. 

According to Strokes, Brow Sculpting is microblading made a thousand times better. “We do it for peaches [clients] who need to amp up their brow game, and we do it by perfecting the shape, form, and overall quality of your brows, so that they would look effortlessly full, clean, and ready for anything!”

As someone blessed with somehow “full brows,” I wonder how Strokes would make my brows even better, so I finally decided to try Brow Sculpting in late November and visited Strokes Eye Beauty Studio’s branch in Greenbelt to have my brows done by no less than Keighty.

The procedure

The first part of the entire Brow Sculpting procedure is the application of topical anesthesia. Your brows will be filled with anesthesia for more or less 30 minutes.

The next step is the shaping of your brows. According to Chanel, one of the veteran staff from Strokes, what they do is simply follow the shape of your brow and enhance it to look natural and appealing to your face shape.

After more or less 45 minutes of preparation, the main procedure is the microblading itself. At this point, I was a bit frightened already but I braved it through. When Keighty started the procedure, it helped a lot that she was very calm and comforting. She even told me that I could watch the process by giving me a mirror because, according to Keighty, some clients feel more relaxed when they can watch what’s happening to their brows. 

And so, I did. I watched how Keighty slowly made her way into making her “strokes” magic to my brows. Many thanks to the anesthesia, I barely felt anything during the process aside from tolerable stings here and there. The main procedure took more than an hour.

After my brows were done, the receptionist explained the necessary after-care to maintain my brows’ pigment and speed up its recovery. They also gave me a Strokes after-care kit which contains a fast healing gel, a vitamin gel, and a “manual” of some sorts on what to expect for two weeks right after the procedure.

The healing

All the pain I hadn’t felt from the needle during the procedure came rushing in right after the process, but it was all tolerable. I was advised not to get exposed to the sun for the first few days to keep the pigment and to constantly re-apply the fast healing gel. 

For the first 48 hours post-procedure, dry healing is the way to go, meaning you need to keep the brow area dry and apply the healing gel regularly. At this point, all I had to do was wait for my brows to heal before I could finally see the final result.

After almost one month, this is how my brows look like. 

So, to answer whether or not Brow Sculpting at Stroke Eye Beauty Studio with Keighty Wong (P13,000 per session) is worth it, the answer is yes! 

The effect will last for a year or two, depending on how you take care of your brows. Retouch after six months to one year is advised, but not necessary. So, if you want to wake up with your brows looking good, I recommend you try getting your brows microbladed.

Have you tried any semi-permanent makeup services before? Share with us your experience in the comments below! 

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