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C-Dramas To Watch If You Liked ‘The Glory’

The Glory was the most viewed Netflix program in Korea and rated 5 globally, according to SBS News. In 10 nations, including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand, the drama received the most Netflix viewers. For those who haven’t watched yet, in this series, a woman exacts revenge against the bullies who ruthlessly tormented her in high school.

Starring Song Hye-Kyo, netizens couldn’t help but gush about the drama, with many expressing how much they loved its eight-episode first season and how eager they were for its followup (scheduled on March 2023). If you are fond of revenge-themed dramas and are tired of waiting for the next season, here are our C-drama suggestions with similar themes as The Glory:

Nirvana in Fire

The 2015 Chinese historical drama Nirvana in Fire is based on the novel Lang Ya Bang by Hai Yan. Hu Ge, Liu Tao, and Wang Kai play Mei Changsu, Princess Nihuang, and Prince Jing, respectively. Kong Sheng and Li Xue directed it. In the series, Lin Shu visits Liang’s capital city under the guise of Mei Changsu to seek retribution for a conspiracy that branded his family as traitors 12 years before. The C-drama takes place in 6th-century China when there was a war between the feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties. 

The drama was well-received by critics. By the second day of its release, the drama received more than 100 million streaming views, and by the end of the series, it had garnered over 3.3 billion views on iQiyi. 

The Promise of Chang’an

Cheng Yi, Zhao Yingzi, and Han Dong are the stars of the 2019–20 Chinese television series The Promise of Chang’an, which was created by Yin Tao. It debuted on Tencent Video on September 10, 2020, and ran every Thursday through Saturday until November 5, 2020. In addition, Line TV, LiTV, and iQIYI Taiwan broadcast it. The C-drama revolves around the Great Sheng Kingdom and its ups and downs from turmoil to prosperity under the rule of Helan Mingyu, the Empress Dowager Xianzhen. Want to find out more? Make sure to check it out.

Snow Stride Sword

It’s a story that centers on the cocky yet talented young nobleman Xu Fengnian, whose father has high hopes for him. After going through many challenges, he gains strength and turns into the country’s guardian.

In the world of jianghu, Xu Fengnian travels an uncharted route. He persists in improving his martial arts abilities despite the difficult journey and the numerous brutal killings. Instigated by his mother’s wrath, Xu Fengnian makes acquaintances with people from all walks of life.

Xu Fengnian returns from his travels to lead the iron cavalry in the defense of the Central Plains when Beimang launches its assault on it. 300,000 troops are killed in internal strife at the imperial court, but Xu Fengnian struggles to reclaim the lost land in order to save the ordinary people.

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