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CaSoBe: A Premier Beach Town That Perfectly Blends Home Life, Business, and Leisure

One thing we realized during the height of the pandemic was the value of breathing space and the luxury of having a home outside of the metropolis — ideally by the beach to allow you to move freely and commune with nature. 

Given the erratic quarantine restrictions, most of us have already adjusted to the remote work arrangements, and it’s during times like these when the city can feel a bit stifling. As we transition to the new normal, we start to long for a place that is open and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place that can perfectly blend home life, business, and leisure. 

It seems like something very aspirational, but what if we told you there is a place like this in Batangas?

CaSoBe (Calatagan South Beach) is only a 3-hour drive from Manila. Developed by Landco Pacific Corporation, it is a sprawling 15-hectare leisure tourism estate that is master-planned to be a dynamic beachside community that will have both residential and commercial establishments. The estate will be developed in such a way that would allow you to experience the same facilities and modernity of a prime resort while also making you feel right at home.

At CaSoBe you can build your dream beach house that can double as a business that caters to the tourist market such as a bed and breakfast, coffee shop restaurant, or concept store. It’s a prime investment that increases in value, given Landco’s track record of developing properties that have great appreciation over time — one such example is its premium leisure development of Punta Fuego in Batangas. Your real estate investment is a lasting legacy that  you can pass onto the next generation. 

To attract tourists on a weekend getaway or work from the beach option, CaSoBe features Millennial Resorts’ unique and sustainably-designed accommodations like the Crusoe Cabins, which are cabins repurposed from container vans, and the Cocoons, which are cozy and capsule-like hotel rooms built from repurposed drainage pipes. 

Investors, residents and tourists alike can avail of the restaurants, cafes, amenities like the Aquaria Water Park, and  expansive outdoor spaces in the Harbour Walk to hangout. The entire property is equipped with strong Wi-Fi connectivity, to ensure that you remain connected for important engagements online. 

On top of that, CaSoBe also has upcoming amenities like The Isle (an event space), The Colony (a co-working space), The Lighthouse, a basketball court, and the Captain Barbozza restaurant and bar, which would truly make CaSoBe a uniquely modern and vibrant beach community.


Does that sound like life as it should be? Stay tuned for the upcoming property tour video to see CaSoBe in its full glory and imagine yourself and your loved ones in your new address in a premier beach town that offers a balance of home life, business and leisure. 

Check out CaSoBe’s official website for more details.

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