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Checklist: Things Single People Probably Experienced During Quarantine

To all the single people out there, here are some things you probably felt while being quarantined: 


1) Not missing the feeling of being the “电灯泡儿” or third wheel. 

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As much as we love our friends, there are times when it can be a little awkward whenever they are with their significant other. Well, not anymore! (at least for now).  


2) Adopting plants instead of pursuing a relationship. 

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Why pursue a relationship when we can practice our commitment skills on something else like plants. Taking care of plants allows us to meditate and save mother earth at the same time. 


3) Encountering couples showing off their relationship on Tiktok (抖音). 

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As much as some of us don’t want to be reminded that we are single, it is hard for us to avoid couples posting cute relationship goals all over social media, especially on Tiktok. 


4) Constantly asking whether or not you want to get a relationship.

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Being single is one thing, but being quarantined for a long period makes us feel even lonelier, making us wonder if we are ready to pursue a relationship or not. 

5) Being Kai Shao to new people. 

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The best part of quarantine is knowing that we are not alone but in this together. Being Kai Shao to someone doesn’t necessarily need them to meet in person. 


6) Searching for a new crush. 

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The quarantine can be a little lonely or draining, which is why some of us may need something or someone to motivate us to get up in the morning. Just don’t simp (辛普) too hard!


7) Using this time to be more productive.

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We use this time to grow and evolve so that we can become our best selves. We want to seek self-love first before committing ourselves to a real relationship. 


At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with being single as we still get to maximize our freedom as much as we want. However, enjoy it while it lasts; you never know when you would actually meet the one. 

What else did you experience during the quarantine? Comment them down below!

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