Chinese Period Dramas to Watch if You Can’t Get Over ‘Bridgerton’

The hit Netflix show, "Bridgerton." Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Netflix’s Bridgerton series was an incredible hit. We all probably watched it, loved it, and now regret watching it in one go because what does producer Shonda Rhimes expect us to do with ourselves until she releases the next season?

If you’re struggling to get over it, just like the rest of us, here are a few historical C-dramas that might help you scratch that itch

1. The Eternal Love (2017)

Source: My Drama List

In this C-drama, Qu Tan Er is in love with the king’s eldest son, Mo Yi Huai, but is being forced to marry the second son, Mo Lian Cheng. Unhappy with the arranged marriage, Tan Er tries to commit suicide, only to wake up sharing her body with Xiao Tian’s soul — a modern woman. Xiao Tian is the complete opposite of  Tan Er and of course, attracts Lian Cheng. Two problems here: whenever the active soul tells a lie, the other one replaces it, and Xiao Tian still needs to figure out how to get back to her own time. If that’s not a drama, I don’t know what is.

2. The Princess Weiyoung (2016)

Source: My Drama List

In The Princess Weiyoung, Northern Liang is attacked, but their princess manages to escape with the help of Li Wei Young. She takes on the identity of her savior as she seeks revenge against the people who destroyed her kingdom. It’s got a love story and a powerful female protagonist. If that’s why you loved Bridgerton, then this might be the C-drama for you!

3. Rise of the Phoenixes (2018)

Source: My Drama List

Power, desire, love, and lust — the hallmarks of a great historical drama. Watch the main characters, Prince Ning Yi and Feng Zhiwei, a colonel’s daughter, rise from the ashes of political intrigue to become great phoenixes.

Need more reasons to tune in? How about this: During the year of its release, it was one of the highest rated shows, was nominated for several awards at the Asian Television Awards, and won best cinematography at the 25th Shanghai Television Festival.

4. Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020)

Source: My Drama List

This C-drama is about a young female painter, Xiong Xi Ruo, who infiltrates the home of the powerful Li family to paint a copy of a precious item. Her escape is foiled, however, by the Li heir, Li Hong Bin. As the authorities arrive to arrest her, they strike a deal: Xi Ruo will pretend to be pregnant with Hong Bin’s child.

This arrangement suits Hong Bin just fine because it gets him out of his arranged marriage with the daughter of the Song family. It’s not long after Xi Ruo and Hong Bin’s marriage that everyone suspects the pregnancy was a lie, but as they spend more time together, love begins to blossom.

5. Prince of Lan Ling (2013)

Source: My Drama List

A prophecy foretold that victory will go to the one who has the priestess’s blessing. As the last priestess of her clan, Yang Xue Wu is embroiled in a war between two kingdoms. She falls in love with Lan Ling Wang, the general of Northern Qi, despite knowing the tragic fate that awaits him. What, pray tell, does destiny have in store for these lovers?

There are so many other great historical dramas we could recommend, but these are a good place to start for a dose of romance and all things Bridgerton-esque! We hope this helps satisfy your Bridgerton withdrawals in the meantime. Happy watching!

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