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Chinese Face Reading: What does your nose say about your fortune?

The nose, being the most visible feature of the face, indicates one’s self-esteem, aptitude, social standing, and personality. In face reading, the eyes represent status, while the nose represents money. Many individuals believe that the nose represents good fortune in terms of official career and riches.

The nose is the most essential central element of the face and typically indicates one’s luck after middle age (between 41 and 50 years old). The height, length, size, and color of one’s nose may predict one’s fortune.

Nose Bridge

A nose bridge that is straight rather than curved is good and considered lucky. However, a straight nose bridge with a wrinkle, shadow, spot, or gray mole is also a terrible omen for the family or health. In addition, the nose bridge denotes marriage. A black mole on the nasal bridge indicates discord, perhaps divorce. 

If there is a hump on the bridge, it suggests that the person is impetuous and hot-tempered, frequently loses anger for no reason, but is tenacious in their job. Furthermore, it denotes a strained spousal connection and warns the person to be wary of divorce or emotional troubles between the ages of 44 and 45.

A swollen nose denotes a terrible marriage since it has a bone on the bridge that seems turgid. Meanwhile, the sunken or snub bridge also denotes a bad marriage. A woman with a sunken nose bridge is prone to falling in love with the man she admires, marrying the wrong man, and working hard to make ends meet.

Nose Tip

The tip of the nose signifies oneself. The larger the tip, the more arrogant and opinionated a person will be, and the more likely they will stick to their own opinions. In addition, the tip represents one’s inner world. People with a large and meaty tip are kind-hearted and have no malicious intentions. Those with a tiny nose tip are the opposite. 

People with a large and hard nose tip have greater wealth luck than those with a large and soft tip. The mole on the tip of the nose represents personal financial losses and being duped into investing. A bulbous nose refers to a nose with the tip and wings the same size. For women, a bulbous nose signifies a bad marriage with little support from the spouse.


The tiny nostrils represent narrow thinking, a lack of boldness, a cautious working mentality, and a restricted likelihood of doing anything remarkable. People with broad nostrils are open-minded about money; they are ambitious, understand how to spend and the link between investment and return, and never settle when it comes to social affairs.

People with prominent nostrils incur significant financial losses despite the fact that they may earn a lot of money. People with these types of nostrils are generally frugal with money; they have a practice of conserving money, cherishing every penny, and never spending haphazardly since it causes them pain.

Nose Wings

The rounded and fat nose wings indicate a solid interpersonal interaction, early success, expertise in money earning, and aptitude in money management. The slender wings suggest a failure to amass a fortune and a lack of a funding idea. The mole on the nose wings represents personal financial losses, particularly at the ages of 49 and 50. This group of individuals has a long history of gastrointestinal sickness.

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