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Chinese Face Reading: What The Position of Moles on Your Face Mean

Mole on a face

The position of moles has a strong correlation with people’s fortunes. There are both visible and concealed moles. Moles on the face are clearly seen and considered evident, but those on other regions of the body are considered concealed. In general, hidden moles (such as those in the brows, beard, or hair) are considered auspicious, whereas conspicuous moles are unfavorable.

According to Chinese face reading, circular and elevated moles with high brightness in pure red or dark black are fortunate, and such moles are frequently observed on emperors. Gray, brown, yellowish, or mixed-colored moles are often unlucky. It is beneficial for the red moles to be visible, while the black moles should be hidden for good fortune. With that being said, let’s take a look at the different meanings of moles on different parts of the face:

1. Forehead

It denotes mediocre fortune, a strained connection with family, a high likelihood of being away from home, minimal support from elders and superiors, and a difficult existence. However, if the mole is on the center of the forehead, it symbolizes mental maturity, plenty of worldly possessions, and a quiet and happy later life. For women, such a mole indicates both good fortune and failure in a love relationship. 

2. Cheek

People with such a mole are highly optimistic in their actions and can attain their goals on their own. They seldom consider others’ ideas and tend to be self-centered while interacting with others, thus they need to pay more attention in interpersonal relationships. 

3. Chin

A gray or poorly formed mole on the chin represents an uncertain existence with no fixed address, such as frequent job changes or housing moves. People with such a mole will have disappointments and concerns about their children’s troubles after reaching middle age. If the mole is red or dark black, it indicates that the people with this mole will live a steady existence, have good fortune, and have a successful family as they grow older.

4. Between Eyebrows

The area between the brows is known as the Professional Palace in physiognomy because it represents one’s career progress and advancement. A good mole here predicts a successful future career. A “nasty” mole, on the other hand, signals major marital or emotional issues around the age of 28. Despite their good fortune, those with such a mole are prone to misfortunes brought on by carelessness. As a result, people should never get complacent when good fortune strikes!

5. Upper Eyelid

A mole on the upper eyelid, in general, signifies a life without a fixed address and frequent house moves because they like independence. If the type of mole is considered auspicious, it indicates that the individual can seize chances and change bad luck into good. If the mole is bad, it suggests that opposition to the boss or elder will result in the loss of prospects for advancement.

6. Lower Eyelid

A mole on the lower eyelid represents a setback in a love connection, thus the existence of a third person in a relationship should be given great consideration. It also implies that the individual will frequently worry or suffer from children’s troubles after marriage, which will impact the husband-wife relationship and may possibly lead to divorce. If the mole is considered to be auspicious, it signifies a large family with numerous children and grandkids.

7. Behind the Ear

If it is on the higher portion, it denotes a terrible connection with one’s parents; if it is in the center, it signals being taken advantage of by others; and if it is on the bottom part, it indicates a lack of fortune in life.

8. Ear

A mole on the ear is a positive omen! People with such a mole are gifted, quick-witted, and lucky; they may capitalize on their good fortune, achieve quickly, and amass a large number of personal riches in the future. The mole that is considered to be “bad luck”, on the other hand, represents high self-awareness and ill luck as a result of the wayward nature.

9. Lower Lip

People who have a mole on their lower lip are family-oriented and skilled cooks. They are more likely to be chefs if they are fastidious about what they eat, although they often have a busy life. They are particularly popular with the opposite sex in love relationships and may easily enter into love triangles.

10. Upper Lip

People who have a mole on their upper lip are emotional and always think about others. They are really gorgeous and make others feel good, thus they have a lot of friends! They are also frequently treated well by others. However, they should avoid overeating, which is damaging to their health.

11. Side of the Nose

A mole on the side of the nose usually suggests a frivolous mentality, and persons with such a mole are drift-minded, which will have an impact on their job growth. They have an easy time gaining the trust of people, have unpredictable economic situations, and waste. If the mole is really good, it represents career success and remarkable flexibility. They will have greater fortune after reaching middle age and will live a tranquil and happy life.

12. Nose Tip

A mole on the nose tip indicates that earnings are flowing in from all directions. A noticeable mole on the nose tip indicates good luck for prosperity for a man with large nose wings and a thick nose tip. If a black mole appears unexpectedly, it suggests that prosperity will arrive soon. A mole on the lower end of the nose tip represents multiple marriages and divorces prompted by passion; it is also a sign of poor luck for prosperity. 

13. Top of Head

A mole on the top of the head represents the lifetime good fortune coveted by others. Unless the head is bald, this type of mole is difficult to detect, and it can always transform bad luck into good and rescue the day.

14. Outer Corner of the Eye

A mole like this indicates that the individual is exceptionally charming and has had a lot of luck with the opposite sex throughout their life. The relationship may begin well, but it will not endure long, and the first marriage is frequently blocked. If the mole is of the good kind, dark black and small, it indicates good luck and assistance from the other sex in a vocation that requires frequent encounters with the opposing sex. Women with such a mole will attract males for no reason, good or negative, and they should remember to stay firm.

15. Above the Mouth

People who have a mole over their mouth may have twins when they marry! Dystocia may occur in women with a mole on the philtrum. Furthermore, these people have a weak capacity to adjust to their surroundings and live a life of servitude. However, if the mole is of a favorable kind, it signifies exceedingly good fortune in remuneration and flourishing spiritual life.

16. Below the Mouth

A mole beneath the lips represents the everlasting wandering from place to place. People with such a mole are not advised to buy real estate, even if they are wealthy. If the mole is of the auspicious kind, it signifies a happy life. Additionally, if the mole is located just below the lips, it indicates that the individual is weak-willed yet attentive and resolute.

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