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Chinese Face Reading: What your eyebrows say about you

In physiognomy, the brow is analogous to the lifeline in palmistry. It represents a person’s prosperity between the ages of 31 and 34. While a long brow indicates longevity, a small brow, like a short lifeline, does not always indicate a short life. Eyebrows also reflect the bond between brothers and sisters. For men, the left brow represents brothers, while the right represents sisters; for women, the opposite is true. Long brows generally represent profound devotion to siblings and sisters, whereas small brows imply weak attachment. In modern culture, brows mostly signify one’s attitude toward friends: long brows imply many friends, whereas short brows indicate few.

According to Chinese face reading, the best brows are glossy black, gorgeous, tidy, and silky, longer than the eyes, with medium density, no retrorse hair, and a loose yet undispersed tip. In addition, the brows should not be too close or too far apart.


People with long brows are righteous, helpful, and like making new acquaintances. If the brows are longer than the outer canthus, it denotes a prosperous life filled with money and prestige. The longer the brow, the more lifespan it implies. Long and lovely brows suggest early achievement. Meanwhile people with short brows are reserved, have few friends, bad conjugal relationships, and low wealth, and live a miserable existence. Women with short brows are detrimental to their husbands and have unhappy marriages.


People with wide or broad brows are often manly, energetic, and impulsive, and they focus on the thick lines rather than minutiae and insignificant concerns. Meanwhile, people with narrow brows are feminine, meek, and indecisive, yet attentive and detail-oriented.


People with thick brows are lively and sweet-tempered, but those with too thick brows are malevolent, crafty, and self-centered. Meanwhile, sparse brows suggest endocrine dyscrasia, and persons with this condition frequently have no friends, get emotionally involved, and experience marital conflict between the ages of 32 and 36. In general, they have bad luck with money.

Those with a thick brow and sparse tip indicate that they started off with a bang but ended up with a whimper, a bad relationship, and minimal aid from your brothers, while people with no or few brows, a prominent cheekbone, a large face, and a high nose are more likely to feel lonely. No or few brows and a flat cheekbone indicate brotherly conflict. Women with little brows and dark hair abuse their husbands, remarry, and live alone in old age.


People with high brows (far from the eyes) are sweet-tempered, family-oriented, and achieve their goals early in life. Meanwhile, people with low brows have problems maintaining their cool and are typically insidious and concerned by family matters. They are also pragmatic, focusing on the short term rather than the long term.

If the brows are too low (too near to the eyes), the person is generally narrow-minded, holds grudges, and is a voyeur. While people with brows that are two different heights are more likely to have an accident. Men with higher left eyebrows hold important positions in their families, but men with higher right eyebrows frequently obey their spouses; women, on the other hand, do not.


Those with ‘compact’ brows are often easy-going, especially among their friends, and so have strong relationships with them and frequently receive their assistance. Meanwhile, people with loose brows at the tip are often estranged from their friends and unable to rely on their brothers and sisters.


People with shiny brows that develop in the same direction are incredibly fortunate and honest. Meanwhile, people with untidy brows that develop in several directions have an average IQ and are unlikely to attain success in society. Their words do not match their actions, and they are often hypocritical, having incompatible parents.

If the brow is broken or thin in the center, it indicates the death of a parent, brother or sister in childhood, or a hand fracture and injury. While Inverted brows developing towards the ophryon indicate poor luck and affect on the family. This type of person struggles with emotional and interpersonal interactions. They are destitute in their youth, but circumstances improve in middle age. If just the left brow is inverted, it signifies a lack of emotional maturity before the age of 30 and a failure to pay final respects to the father. The inverted right brow signifies being unable to handle emotional relationships after the age of 30 and failing to pay final respects to one’s mother. If both brows are inverted, it indicates that the person has struggled with emotional relationships throughout their life and will fail to pay their final respects to both father and mother.

People with vertical brows are brash, impetuous, and ruthless; they dislike thinking and want to solve issues by force, therefore they are prone to disasters and litigation. They are not polite and thoughtful husbands or wives in terms of love connection. The vertical left brow affects children, while the vertical right brow harms the woman, suggesting the unsmooth five years between the ages of 28 and 32.

Eyebrow Distance

Ophryon refers to the area between the brows. It’s ideal if it’s two fingers broad. People with a broad ophryon (three fingers or more) never overthink or worry, they act spontaneously, and they are free of the mental weight imposed by stress. They are generally sluggish, obstinate, and indecisive. Meanwhile, people with narrow ophryon plan their actions, ponder and worry excessively, and suffer from mental weight produced by stress. They are also narrow-minded, hold grudges, and have a bad respiratory system.

Brow Tip

People with lower brow tips are compassionate and helpful great people who start and finish effectively. Meanwhile, people with higher-brow tips have strong self-esteem and attitude, and they never compromise; yet, they lack coordination, which is both an asset and a drawback. They might swiftly take steps to make a figure when they are expected to be decisive and aggressive. Others frequently appreciate persons like this.

Brow Ridge

Lastly, a slightly raised brow ridge is the best. Those with overly raised brow ridges are impulsive, arrogant, and often offend others. People with flat brow ridges are generally timid and overcautious, don’t like to argue with others, and have no ambition but poor adaptability. The sunken brow ridge suggests a scheming and vengeful character.

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