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Chinese Face Reading: What your face shape says about your personality

There is an association between facial form and personality. Long-faced people are determined, tenacious, and decisive. People with round and square faces are extroverted, enthusiastic, intellectual, and challenging. Oblong-faced people are compassionate and wise. The diamond-faced person is a trailblazer, tenacious, arrogant, self-centered, and reckless. Perfectionists with an oval face are disciplined, open-minded toward others, experienced in social engagement, and cleanliness-focused. The triangular faces represent great intention, explosiveness, wisdom, and memory, however, the inverted triangle represents a rebellious nature, and an unyielding attitude of sticking it out until the bitter end. People with trapezoid faces are calm, astute, and self-demanding and they are prone to depression and autism.

Face forms in Chinese face reading are clearly depicted using ten Chinese characters, namely ‘圆’, ‘田’, ‘目’, ‘同’, ‘用’, ‘由’, ‘甲’, ‘申’, ‘风’, and ‘王’, which have the following features respectively:

‘同’ Shaped or Rectangular Face

It is likewise a long face, but it is larger and more masculine, with a straight nose, low forehead, and well-developed cheeks that resemble the two vertical strokes. This type of person is highly subjective and emulative. They are strong and can always conquer obstacles since they have high physical strength. They are also forthright, honest, serious, and accountable, expecting a salary commensurate with the work they accomplish. Even if they are impulsive, they can contain themselves at the most impetuous times. The major flaw is that they are extremely sensitive and softhearted.

‘圆’ Shaped or Round Face

This type of person is easygoing, sympathetic, helpful, generous, considerate, honest, and tolerant, and they are skilled at dealing with interpersonal connections. They are also kind souls that never wish to harm or see the harming of others. They are adaptive optimists who are thoughtless, and most Buddhists have this type of face.

‘目’ Shaped or Long Face

Long-faced people are determined, stubborn, decisive, very subjective, bad-tempered, suspicious, and rigid. It’s difficult to get along with them. They are hardworking and well-organized, yet they frequently fixate on one issue and disregard minor details. Women with this facial shape are unconstrained, candid, competitive, and career-oriented rather than family-oriented.

‘田’ Shaped or Square Face

People with a square face are wealthy, intelligent, active, determined, unflappable in the face of adversity, and adept at diplomacy. They are also amusing, honorable, and well-liked by others, particularly those of the opposite sex. They are, nevertheless, irritable, obstinate, and very self-confident.

‘由’ Shaped or Pear Face

Evolving from the ‘田’ shape, it features a small forehead and wide chin. The features with the shape are wise, practical, persevering, frank, and eager to promise others. As they are family-oriented, they experience bad luck in their early years but good kinship. At the same time, they are obstinate and irritable, and they struggle to get along with others. Women with pear shaped faces are not soft, but they may help their spouses start a family and a profession.

‘甲’ Shaped or Face with V-line 

This type of face has a broad forehead and a tiny chin and belongs to the popular ‘V’ face in China. People with these features are full of ideas and have a strong vision, memory, and imagination. They are ambitious entrepreneurs who struggle with interpersonal interactions. They have good luck in their early years and enjoy prosperity when they are young, but they tend to feel lonely in their old age.

‘王’ Shaped or Big and Bony Face

This type of face is large, bony, and defined, with prominent cheeks and forehead, as well as a straight nose. People with this type of face are clever, strong, competent, and have distinct personalities. They have strong opinions about what they like and dislike, as well as the bravery to accept responsibility for their actions and do their best to assist those in need. At the same time, they are erratic and vary their attitude depending on their surroundings. They are also extremely vindictive, greedy, and selfish, have no sense of duty to their families, and will damage others to gain themselves by fair or foul methods. They have a rough existence with poor luck.

‘风’ Shaped or Flat and Plump Face

This type of face is flat and defined, with a large forehead, flat cheeks, and a broad and fat chin. People with this type of face are laid-back, resigned to their circumstances, and not aggressive. They move throughout their entire lives, leaving their hometown in their early years, moving here and there around the age of 20, and will succeed if they have assistance from a benefactor. They have greater luck and live a better life beyond 40. Their avarice is their flaw.

‘申’ Shaped or Small and Pointed Face

This sort of face is small in both the top and lower parts, with a narrow forehead, large and projecting cheeks, and a pointed chin. This type of face has a difficult dual disposition. They are intelligent, logical, emotional, adaptive, and long-sighted. Meanwhile, they are indecisive, think erratically, lack confidence, and seldom follow through on plans. They are also self-interested, lack self-control, frequently tell lies, have numerous schemes, and are continually looking for admiration from others.

‘用’ Shaped or Square Face with Protruded Chin

It corresponds to the square face but has a more jutting chin and cheeks. People with this facial shape are typically angry, obstinate, devoted to friends, and self-conscious.

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