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Chinese Face Reading: What your forehead says about you

The forehead signifies one’s luck in youth (from 15 to 30 years old), as well as one’s father, mother, marriage, fortune, professional prospects, thinking, analytic capacity, and so on. Not only that, but the forehead also signifies one’s life chances, which differ depending on the shape of the forehead.

In face reading, the forehead is separated into three regions— upper, middle, and lower. The upper part represents analytical skills. Men often have a higher forehead than women, thus they are more analytical. This section also signifies the predetermined relationship with parents and the advancement of one’s career. The central portion represents memory. Men’s middle foreheads are not as full as women’s, hence women have greater memory than men. Finally, the lower part represents observation ability. Men have a more prominent brow ridge than women, thus they are generally more observant, although there are exceptions. It also symbolizes vanity and kindness.

Narrow Foreheads

People with narrow foreheads are often timid and quiet. They are pure-hearted, work honestly and earnestly, but lack a sharp intellect and strong tenacity, and frequently give up due to little setbacks. They are social, pleasant, and easy to get along with. The smaller the forehead, the more childish the person is. When they lose their temper, they become oblivious to reason and are easily persuaded by their emotions, regardless of the situation. In social situations, they prefer not to compete with others and want to live a tranquil and quiet existence; while they may not achieve great things, they typically live and work in peace and pleasure. They are normally not difficult in love, but they regard the love genuinely; once they start a relationship, they will love the other till death, thus enjoying a pleasant family life.

Wide Foreheads

In face reading, the wide forehead is viewed as an indication of generosity. People with broad foreheads are open-minded, brilliant, quick-witted, and intellectual, and they rise to the top. They might be deaf to others’ counsel and are not practical at work. They are often unfaithful when it comes to love. If you want to discover a backer who will help your future development, go for people with broad foreheads since they are tolerant and capable.

Round and Full Forehead

This type of forehead protrudes from the front and sides. It’s also taller and fuller than usual. People with curved foreheads are quick-witted, quick to act, thorough in their thinking, and execute things well. This sort of forehead is not harmful to males, but it causes emotional tension in men and hinders the progression of marriage and relationships. As a result, a lady with a round and thick brow should marry someone who is accommodating and understanding.

Flat and Sloped Forehead

The forehead signifies one’s fate in childhood. People with sloped brows often have a difficult childhood and achieve little while appearing to be always on the move. The major cause is that their intelligence is a little lower than normal, and they lack boldness and vitality. For women, a sloped brow denotes a lack of parental or relative care, early labor, and romantic twists and turns. If the remainder of the face is normal, the rest of your life will be tranquil and cheerful; if the rest of the face is slopped, you will have to endure this harsh life for a long time.

Forehead Lines

The kind, position, and amount of forehead lines represent one’s luck and career in Chinese face reading. People with no forehead wrinkles are pure of heart, lucky, and usually assisted by others. Too many forehead wrinkles indicate a disillusioned and difficult existence with no advantages from hardships. Less than three distinct and delicate forehead wrinkles are ideal. Those who have forehead wrinkles before the age of 35 are well aware of what they are dealing with. For women, the early onset of forehead lines indicates an unpleasant marriage, but for males, the lines represent an early start in their profession. For women, forehead wrinkles form after the age of 35 and for males after the age of 40.

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