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Chinese Face Reading: What your hairline says about you

In a previous article, we discussed what your forehead says about you. Today, let’s study another part of the forehead—hairlines. The form of one’s hairline shows one’s capacity to think, knowledge, and personality. The most prevalent varieties of hairlines include high and broad, low and narrow, straight and square, round, M-shaped, Widow’s Peak, and uneven.

Low and Narrow

People with a low and thin hairline are born cognitively incompetent, obstinate, and lethargic, and have few chances in life. They have negative childhood luck, strained relationships with relatives, and fewer benefits in adulthood. If the other portions are well-defined, they may have greater luck and live a comfortable life after the age of 35.

High and Wide

People with a high and broad forehead are often smart, intelligent, and extremely adaptable, with strong thinking abilities and the capacity to flourish in any sector. Even if other portions of the face are ill-defined, a person’s wealth and status will be enhanced if the forehead is large and shiny. People with a high hairline are frequently irritated, angry, or anxious.

Straight and Square

People with a straight, high, and neat hairline, as well as a raised section between the hairline and eyebrows, are typically smart, intelligent, well-planned, down-to-earth, and responsible, with excellent business-handling abilities and good luck in the profession, and can thus become rich and prosperous. However, they are unsuitable for sectors that need creative talent and originality; they can seek riches rapidly but not renown. Women with square foreheads are manly and competent, making them suited for careers and marriage; they are advised to care more about their spouses or marry after establishing a mature personality, enhancing family peace and happiness. Many affluent men have a square forehead, and these people can be the backbone of a corporation and society.


Those with a rounded, tidy, and smooth hairline are kind-hearted, responsible, and determined, and they may achieve great things in charity. If governmental services are impractical, starting a business is another viable option. This type of person frequently receives assistance from others, enjoys both happiness and longevity, and achieves a good social standing and a certain level of riches. Men with rounded hairlines are mild-mannered yet frail. For women, a rounded hairline is a terrible indicator of marriage since these ladies are strong and independent, often remaining unmarried their entire lives, and tend to be the so-called “iron lady.”

Uneven or Zigzag

This low hairline resembles the letter W. Men with zigzag hairlines frequently overthink. For women, an uneven hairline indicates ill luck to spouse and father, the absence of a father, no luck in studies, and early entry into society; they have average luck before the age of 30 and frequently work in vain. A lady with an uneven hairline has difficulties in marriage and should look for a partner who is at least ten years her senior or younger.


Men have an M-shaped hairline that concaves inside at the left and right sides. Those with an M-shaped hairline are diverse, successful, and well-known. They can endure adversity and rise from obscurity. They are bright and intelligent in many ways, humorous, dedicated to art and literature, and have unique insights into some specialist technology. The wider the arcs on both sides, the more auspicious and better the presentation of creativity and planning abilities; the M-shaped hairline with small arcs belongs to individuals who can only function as mimics rather than creative artists. Women with M-shaped hairlines frequently experience difficulties in love and marriage; the lower the hairline, the higher the likelihood of happiness.

Widow’s Peak

The hairline with a pointed center section is known as a widow’s peak, which is similar to an M-shaped hairline except that the two sides are not as high and broad and only the middle area is pointed. People with a widow’s peak hairline are short-tempered, persistent, emulative, curious, courageous, and driven, and they are likely to change jobs early. They must continue to strive for a better life, or they will end up accomplishing nothing. For men, this type of hairline indicates the lack of a father and an early entry into society.

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