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Chinese Face Reading: What your lips say about you

Your facial features say a lot about you, but did you know the color, thickness, type, and line of your lips can reflect a person’s personality, health, wealth, relationships, and future? Put a mirror in front of your face as you read this article to find out what your lips say about you. Make sure to not have any makeup on it! Let us know if it’s true for you.

Lip Color

The color of one’s lips is a representation of one’s vitality, which is especially essential for women. The rosy lips represent the noble husband, whereas the dull-red lips represent a sad marriage with no child to rely on. The pale mouth corners indicate a bad marriage, spleen, and lung. Spleen represents family bonds, whereas lung represents family order. If both the spleen and the lungs are weak, the marriage will undoubtedly be miserable. The bright pink lips indicate a lack of lung-Qi. The black lips reveal a weak heart.


Lip thickness is quite important. People with thick/protruding upper lips value affection, whereas those with thick/protruding lower lips prioritize wants. People with broad upper and lower lips are more passionate, whilst those with narrow lips are more introverted. 

People with thick lips are realistic, gentle, sentimental, not excellent at expressing themselves but energetic, compassionate, optimistic, satisfied, and dedicated; occasionally, they are so emotional that they lose reasonable judgment. They cannot afford to flirt with others and are easily duped and entangled. They also have a great hunger and libido. Those with thin lips are quick-witted, inventive, practical, and realistic, and they can always make conclusions about other circumstances from one instance. Meanwhile, they are forthright, combative, and untrustworthy, and they enjoy telling stories. They are slightly self-interested, with weak friendship bonds and a lack of excitement and responsibility.

The broad upper lip and thin lower lip belong to those who take the initiative to care for others, make sincere efforts to promote public good, and feel that paying is preferable to obtaining. The narrow upper lip and big lower lip reflect the presence of servants at home, outside help, and lifetime care from others. This sort of lip shape is prevalent in the entertainment industry.

Lip Type

A man’s top lip represents himself and his father, while his lower lip represents his mother and wife. If his top lip overlaps his lower lip, it indicates his and his father’s longevity; conversely, it indicates the longevity of his mother and wife. The top lip signifies a woman’s father and spouse, while the lower represents herself and her mother. If the lower lip overlaps the upper, it indicates ill luck for the husband and father, which is most noticeable between the ages of 51 and 55.

The pouting lips belong to individuals who are cheerful and exuberant rather than niggling; they have a difficult existence, unpredictable luck, disregard personal satisfaction, and lack consistent ideas and objectives. When it comes to romantic relationships, they are open-minded, resigned to the circumstance, and eager to marry once they meet the perfect one. The pouting lower lip signifies an adulterous affair, but the pouting upper lip in women indicates bad health and a C-section.

The protruding top lip is associated with cowards, weak-willed, and indecisive people who rely on others and are frequently used by others in both work and love. The projecting lower lip is associated with selfish and suspicious individuals who are unfriendly and short-tempered, frequently argue with others, and would rather enjoy rights than perform duties. They are prone to failure in work and relationships because they are extremely confident and go their own way. They are also self-centered and frequently sacrifice others for their own good.

Lip Line

The wave-shaped lip line is for individuals who are confident, dependable, and endowed with first-rate eloquence and debating skills but lack money management abilities. The flat lip line is associated with people who are cautious, prudent, patient, and persistent, but also a touch obstinate and haughty.

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