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Chinese Flower Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day

Don’t know what to give your partner on the most romantic day of the year? No need to worry. We’ve got your back. 

With Valentine’s Day coming right up, we’ve decided to prepare this Chinese tradition-based flower gift guide just for you! Check out the best flowers to give to those you love and admire right here: 


Orchids (兰花)

Pinyin: lán huā

One of the most important flowers to take note of in Chinese culture is the orchid, which is known to generally represent simplicity, beauty, and elegance. Recognized as a symbol of virtue, this fine flower is usually gifted as a sign of respect and admiration. 

On a more romantic note, orchids may also be used to represent love and beauty. Because of this, they are often used as anniversary or wedding gifts to express wishes of good fortune and longstanding unity between a couple. 


Orchids. Source: Tim Mossholder of Unsplash


Peonies (牡丹)

Pinyin: mǔ dan

While China doesn’t officially have a national flower, peonies are considered to be the top local favorite. The peony, referred to by the Chinese as the “King of Flowers,” is heavily associated with opulence, honor, prosperity, and feminine beauty. 

Peonies can be gifted to those you admire and love. Those truly seeking to impress should try sending deep red peonies since, according to the locals, those are the most highly valued of their kind. 


Peonies. Source: Fallon Michael of Unsplash.


Lotuses (莲花) 

Pinyin: lián huā

In China, lotuses are noted for their noble beauty. Because these flowers often grow unsullied despite the dirty and swampy environments that they thrive in, they are considered to be a symbol of purity, honor, and moral adherence to principles amidst difficulties. 

Often referred to as the “gentleman of flowers,” lotuses are gifted to those who are hardworking and virtuous. When used in romantic arrangements, they are also meant to express honor and long life. 


A lotus flower. Source: Hong Zhang of Pixabay.


Lilies (百合花)

Pinyin: bǎi hé huā

Lilies, being a symbol of happy and long-lasting marriages, are gifts for the most committed of couples. This is because the flower’s Chinese name sounds similar to the popular wedding greeting 百年好合 (bǎi nián hǎo hé), which means “to have a happy union for one hundred years.” 


Lilies. Source: Evie S. of Unsplash.


Magnolia (木兰花)

Pinyin: mù lán huā

In ancient China, magnolias were noted to be so precious that only emperors were allowed to own them. Additionally, because of their association with the Chinese heroine Hua Mulan, the flowers were known to symbolize a noble spirit, embodying qualities of bravery, generosity, and elegance. 

As a well-respected flower, the magnolia is also considered to be a suitable romantic gift, promising loyal love and expressing an appreciation of womanly gentleness and beauty. 


Magnolias. Source: Fabio Fisterol of Unsplash.


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