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Can I cut my hair? Can I wash it? Can I shower? Can I sweep the floor? No to all of them because it’s to cut, wash, or sweep away luck.

To some, it may feel silly to observe Chinese New Year etiquette, but many modern families still keep up with CNY customs and superstitions for many reasons.

For one, it’s a form of affirmation that they will be healthy, happy, and prosperous in 2023 (and affirmations can be pretty effective in boosting your confidence). 

You’ve got nothing to lose if you practice these Chinese New Year Dos and Don’ts:

DO: Throw out broken items and tattered clothing prior to CNY.

Not only shouldn’t you break things on CNY, you should also throw out broken items and tattered clothing prior. Our mantra is “out with the old, in with the new” with this one. Replacing them with new ones allows good fortune to enter your home.

DO: Wear new clothes (yes, they should be red).

Wear red (including intimates). Wearing dark or white clothes is frowned upon on Chinese New Year. New clothes during CNY signifies prosperity. However, if a family member passed away recently, abstain from any New Year tradition and celebration. 

DO: Eat lucky food.

Circles are the shape of a coin– in Chinese culture, a circle signifies wealth. Thus, you should eat food like dumplings, spring rolls, and bola bola. Longevity noodles (aka birthday noodles) should also be on your table.


According to legends, Chinese villagers used firecrackers and loud objects to scare away evil spirits. Today, we light fireworks and firecrackers in honor of the CNY tradition. You can also shake your piggy bank and scatter coins throughout your house for wishing wealth.

DON’T: Cry or express any negative emotion.

Don’t cry or express any negative emotion– be it anger, sadness, or jealousy because elders say that your emotional state during the CNY predicts your general emotional state for the entire year!

DON’T: Sweep the floor.

You shouldn’t sweep on CNY. Clean before the new year and make sure to sweep AWAY from the doorway. 

DON’T: Cut anything or have sharp objects.

Don’t cut anything or put sharp objects in plain sight. You can’t give anything with a pointy edge as a gift either because sharp objects “cut off wealth and luck.”

DON’T: Lend or borrow money.

Finally, don’t lend or borrow money on CNY because it signifies economic loss. You also can’t ask others their debts owed to you. It’s important to pay your debts prior to CNY. 

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