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Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

The Chinese New Year is fast approaching! It’s an opportunity to celebrate good fortune and Chinese culture with loved ones.

Aside from giving them ang paos, here are some Chinese New Year gift ideas:


Monopoly: Lunar New Year Edition

The family-friendly game of Monopoly has been immensely loved for generations. In celebration of Chinese New Year, they released a special version without straying away from the game’s usual fun mechanics. Players get to buy shops, collect gifts, and find good fortune during the game. It includes a gameboard, six tokens, 16 Title Deed cards, 16 Fortune Stick cards, 16 Pinwheel cards, two dice, a money pack, and a game guide.

Carrying out the theme of the Lunar New Year celebration, the game includes exclusive tokens inspired by the festival: tangerines, a lion head, a bull, a firecracker, a gold ingot, and a lantern. Included are 9 Lunar New Year red envelopes that can be used to store tokens, cards, dice, and money.

It’s available on Singapore’s Toys R Us website.


Year of the Ox Starbucks Collection

In the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Starbucks brings a new line up of merchandise through its Ox-themed collection inspired by the festival and designed with florals and in red, white, gold, and black colors. Its drinkware collection includes over 20 drinking vessels for hot and cold beverages that are fit for the celebration. It includes a 12-oz zodiac ox mug, a 12-oz charcoal SS tumbler, and a 12-oz ox charcoal tumbler.

The rest of the products in the collection include a stuffed bear toy, collectible music box, and a snow globe. along with teapot and cup sets and more mugs and tumblers. It also includes a coin bank where you can save the money you received from your ang pao!

The collection is available in all Starbucks stores nationwide.


CNY Panda Cookies

Pandas are adorable animals and are considered to be one of China’s beloved national treasures. They symbolize a well-balanced life, peace, and good luck. Hong Kong Kee Wah Bakery offers their special Chinese New Year limited edition Kee Wah Bakery Panda cookies that will surely serve as the best dessert for the festivities!

You can order from any Hong Kong Kee Wah Bakery outlet in the Philippines. 


3-Ply Ox Design Face Mask

Give the gift of health and safety to ring in the prosperous and fun-filled Chinese New Year. Madame Shoppers PH has 30 pieces of 3 ply masks that feature 2 varieties of ox designs.

For orders, check out their Instagram page!


Chinese New Year 2021 LEGO Sets

Compared to their Chinese New Year collection last year, LEGO’s 2021 items are more centered on China’s rich history and tradition. The 2021 sets are Story of Nian and Spring Lantern Festival. 

The Story of Nian is an ancient Chinese myth about Nian the monster that wreaks havoc in a nearby village only for the villagers to discover that they could scare it away with festive red clothing, firecrackers, and bright lights.

On the other hand, the Spring Lantern Festival set depicts the celebration with a Chinese garden with moon gates, pavilion, pond, and bridge, along with a special ox lantern that is illuminated by a LEGO light brick. 

For orders, check out their official Lazada shop.

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